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PEDOSATANISM - HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT - Pan, Antinous, Graffiti and the Comet Ping Pong Murals



The other murals carry on exactly the same themes but seem to be older more ‘Classical’ in style rather than Arrington De Dionyso’s avant garde interpretation. But the themes are the same. Which begs the question, why is Alefantis employing different artists commissioned to represent the same disturbing themes?

The other murals show ping pong played by Classical-like figures, many naked, along with ALIENS. Several are satyr-like (pan) figures. On top of this is lots of graffiti which has been photographed by CPP employees and shared socially, and they like it.

A family restaurant, with “shut up and fuck”, “Fuck Buddy” and a penis ejaculating. Not spending too much time on this but if anyone has an archive of Mural images please let me know and I’ll add to this OP.


I wrote another thread about the graffiti quote on the older murals in the bathroom.


Post: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1485785.

Well worth a read IMO, it links with this post.

In short its from the Greek playwright Aeschylus and features in an episode of the X-Files. Aeschylus has links with depravity, paedophilia and… Dionysus:


in addition to being visited by Dionysus who inspired all his future success, Aeschylus founded the Dionysus Theatre where his plays were shown.


First, to avoid an overly long post – if you are unfamiliar with the link between the Pederastic Icon, Antinous (13 year old lover of Emperor Hadrian) and Alefantis – read this graphic


Or search Antinous on this forum.

IMAGINE MY SHOCK what comes up when I google “Antinous Bacchus” to find a link.


It all seems to interlink and I can’t spend too much time on each strand beyond confirming we are unravelling some kind of hidden meaning mythology that a lot of people in this circle seem to share, unbeknownst to the bulk of the patrons who use the establishment.

In other words, it’s a conversation and identity between a subgroup, the establishment is secondary.


Panspermia (from Greek πᾶν (pan), meaning "all", and σπέρμα (sperma), meaning "seed") is the hypothesis that life exists throughout the Universe, distributed by meteoroids, asteroids, comets,[1] planetoids,[2] and also by spacecraft in the form of unintended contamination by microorganisms.[3][4] – from WikiPedia

Now look at this image


From an article on Panspermia and how this Illuminati myth is being pushed in Hollywood culture in everything from Prometheus to Mission To Mars and many more in between.


Does it remind you of anything?


It’s a comet which looks like a sperm – which is of course “seed” from the Greek as in panspermia.

Now we have the comet, alien and human playing ping pong in the Comet Ping Pong murals.



Just to rub it in (urrghhh) – the grafitti features ACTUAL SPERM being ejaculated as well. But all of this is a coincidence, right?

Now this is a stretch but all of this means something TO THEM. Us trying to put it together is naturally going to draw some wrong conclusions.

But why would Comet Ping Pong have the ‘comet’ logo which is so different from the front of their establishment? Its very odd to have completely different symbolism: this is basic marketing. That is, if you are interested in the business of Pizza as a food and not as a front for other activities or interests.


OK now its beginning to come together. It really will if you have followed all the above and now look at the restaurant signage



You have NO LINKS to the CPP comet-logo mentioned above. Instead you have a weird pink roof ridge which some have likened to a vagina / labia (not sure if I agree but its very weird and unattractive and must means something to whoever commissioned it).

The stars are of course pentagrams which is well known as Satanic / Occult symbolism. Why have this on a family restaurant? There is also the crescent moon. The two together

And here it is – a horned god, a pentagram and a crescent moon. The Sect of the Horned God (Pan, Dionysus, Baphomet – all channelling the same themes and Satanic energy).


from this article “The Pedofilic Meaning of “Pan Pizza” Pan PizzaGate”

https://archive.is/3oHjQ .

and this video


EDIT: a poster below noted the sign was bought by Alefantis https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1501634/7291005. Alefantis would have to have sourced it deliberately even though it is buck-ugly. He WANTED it as its symbolism was important to him for this mythology which he fleshed out with commissioned murals.

Found more disturbing info about the signage.

https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1444963 https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/comments/1447357

the TL;DR of these two links is that the original owner of this sign was linked to Masonic Lodges.


As we have known forever, Hollywood foreshadows and hints at things the Elites and mega rich know but the public don’t. Partly this might be leaking, partly they get a kick out of rubbing it in our faces, partly they are so into it that it influences their work.

The series True Detectives has spawned numerous articles and videos breaking down the symbolism of Series 1. Here’s my favourite site for symbolism: Vigilant Citizen


Now I recalled this and had another look and got chills when I saw the following image

https://sli.mg/Siahul.png https://sli.mg/VhLONX.png. https://sli.mg/bheNHv.png.

It’s the FBI pedo symbols again


Little boy lover. The antlers are again the Horned Gods – Pan, Baphomet, its all the same.




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You mention that sometimes TV shows and movies etc are used as some kind of 'foreshadowing.' It's interesting you say that, I hadn't known that before, but I had recently been watching the new show 'Westworld' and was really struck by how familiar it seemed. If you've not seen it, it's about a futuristic enormous Wild West Theme park that is made up historically accurately and populated with robots that seem indistinguishable from humans. Rich people go there to have their fun with these robots, kill and rape them, do all kinds of things they couldn't do in the real world, enjoy some cowboys and indians adventures etc.

The robots basically start 'waking up' or developing consciousness of the fact that their world is not as it seems. They've been up until now programmed to follow certain narratives and keep guests happy, and they have been allowed to improvise only in a tightly controlled manner, they have not been able to have thoughts of their own or any real agency. There is tons of this sort of symbolism you're talking about throughout the show. It really resonated with me because this year I've been thoroughly red-pilled and I felt myself identifying with the robots and the gut punch of coming to realise the world isn't what you thought it was.

You saying this about foreshadowing made me wonder if there's some kind of planning behind the 'mass awakening.'


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You have it wrong. In Westworld, Ford (the impostor creator and bad guy) represents God, whom we are meant to despise. The true creator Arnold/Bernard (the hero) is Lucifer. Dolores is Eve. Ted is Adam. Mave is Lilith. You are meant to identify with the robots who inspired by Lucifer rebel against a cruel God and murder humans. This is pure anti human Luciferian mythology.


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@KansasJakeBG @SpikyAube @pmochel @spans

You are spot on and what the new Westworld remake attempts to do that the first didn't, in my opinion, is to push the (Satanic) Transhumanism Agenda.

You must watch this video - how he breaks it all down is pretty amazing. Also google "the bicameral mind transhumanism" (the season finale is called The Bicameral Mind).


And another linked to my favourite site for this sort of thing, The Vigilant Citizen


Transhumanism, man merging with machines and the Hive Mind are all interlinked and one can think of this as the ultimate expression of the Satanic New World Order Agenda. On essenc they are searching for immortality and like the Babylon myth, to place themselves as the equal of Gods.

Google Ray Kurzwell Satanism Transhumanism, also look into Childhoods End Symbolism and other Arthur C Clarke, Isaac Asimov and others, stretching back to HG Wells New World Order and foreshadowing science fiction Transhumanism works.

Google, Hollywood, Elon Musk, Gates and all the other Globalist Billionaires of their ilk are trying to manifest this agenda.


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wow, that is really fascinating. Might have to check that out. Have noticed this in other shows too


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It's called predictive programming and it's in our television shows, movies, video games, etc.


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Here is the God THEY worship;






John Podesta Cannibal painting on his wall;


The Black Cube, Saturn, Occult Symbolism and Satan

Saturn is often depicted as Baphomet and associated with Satan as a devourer of children. Some theorists claim that the Tree of Knowledge fruit was actually a reference to babies being eaten. There is a belief that Cain actually ate Abel and that is where the derivation of the word “Cannibal” comes from.



(Saturn Worship)THE BLACK CUBE

You might not know it, but the entire world has been worshiping Saturn for thousands of years. The cult has never stopped and its rites are still present to this day.




Comet Ping Pong Artist shows Saturn/Satan with head of child with "SaturnRetrograde"



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Surprised no one has mentioned Islam's most sacred black cube in Mecca called the Kaaba... they believe it was a meteorite (hence comet similarity)...


And not to mention the crescent moon and star that is on practically 90% of Arabic flags:



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There is a belief that Cain actually ate Abel and that is where the derivation of the word “Cannibal” comes from.

This is a perspective I haven't heard until now. That account also has God putting a 'mark' on Cain after this event I believe - any idea what it was?


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David Icke has been telling us for decades about the Saturn worship, the Nlack Cube also symbolizing Saturn as the storm on Saturn looks like a black cube. He's been talking about all this for a long time trying to wake us up, it's all in his book "The Perception Deception" quite a hard book to stomach because of how in depth it gets but it's filled with a shit load of info on all this


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Good stuff. I didn't want to touch that in my overlong post but yes this is it. Also all ties in with David Icke's explanations


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Yes. its undeniable.

Just wanted to add that in The mural in comet ping pong with the alien child and the pan thing playing pong pong --- the pan/baphomet thing is wearing an upside down cross around his neck


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Anyone who says PizzaGate is a Hoax or Fake News has simply not invested any time looking at it beyond the lies of the MSM


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Great work. Upvoated.

Question: where was the "clean" version of that mural depicting the alien & man playing ping-pong? And where was the "dirty" version? And was the "dirty" version just the "clean" one plus some graffiti, later?


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I posted this in a thread but it fits here as well, so here it is again.

2 Corinthians 11:14,15 - "14. And no wonder, for Satan himself keeps disguising himself as an angel of light. 15 It is therefore nothing extraordinary if his ministers also keep disguising themselves as ministers of righteousness. But their end will be according to their works."

It's always been vexing to me to see people discredit biblical verses as out dated. Since 9/11 happened, I've literally just been checking things off.

1 John 5:19 - "19. We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one."

This is why I've said all over this forum that these people were guilty the second I saw who they were affiliating themselves with; Molech (Moloch).

It will help to understand what and who we're actually dealing with behind the scenes.

“Angels That Sinned”

When God created spirit creatures, he made them free moral agents, able to choose for themselves whether to do good or bad. Sadly, after the creation of humankind, an undisclosed number of angels chose to do bad by rebelling against God.

The first and most infamous spirit to rebel became Satan. “He did not stand fast in the truth,” said Jesus Christ. (John 8:44) What moved Satan to turn against God? He began to covet the worship that belongs exclusively to the Creator, and then he acted on that desire by setting himself up as a rival god. In this way he made himself “Satan,” a word that means “resister.” Centuries later, prior to the Flood of Noah’s day, other angels joined Satan, forsaking their heavenly position to materialize in human form and dwell on earth. (Genesis 6:1-4; James 1:13-15) When the Flood occurred, the materialized “angels that sinned” apparently returned to the spirit realm. (2 Peter 2:4; Genesis 7:17-24) In time, they came to be called demons.—Deuteronomy 32:17; Mark 1:34.

The disobedient angels now found themselves in a very different situation from the one they had enjoyed before rebelling. Jude 6 reads: “The angels that did not keep their original position but forsook their own proper dwelling place [God] has reserved with eternal bonds under dense darkness for the judgment of the great day.” Yes, God did not allow the demons to enjoy their former privileges in heaven but consigned them to figurative “pits of dense darkness,” cut off from all spiritual enlightenment.

“Misleading the Entire Inhabited Earth”

Though evidently prevented from again materializing as humans, the demons still have great power and influence over the minds and lives of people. In fact, Satan, together with his demon hordes, is “misleading the entire inhabited earth.” (Revelation 12:9; 16:14) How? To a large extent, by means of the “teachings of demons.” (1 Timothy 4:1) These false teachings, often religious in nature, have blinded the minds of millions to the truth about God. (2 Corinthians 4:4) Consider some examples.

● Anything-goes morality. “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one,” says 1 John 5:19. Satan and his demons exploit their power by using the media and other means to promote the evil notion that humans should give free reign to base fleshly desires. (Ephesians 2:1-3) Hence, immorality of every kind, including sexual perversions, is rife today. Such behavior is even considered normal, whereas Bible standards are often viewed as old-fashioned or narrow-minded.

● The promotion of spiritism. The apostle Paul encountered a servant girl possessed by “a demon of divination,” which enabled her “to furnish her masters with much gain by practicing the art of prediction.” (Acts 16:16) Aware of the source of her supernatural abilities, Paul refused to listen to the girl. Additionally, he did not want to offend God, who views all forms of spiritism—including astrology and appeals to occult powers—as detestable.—Deuteronomy 18:10-12.

We're all smart in this forum. Read this information and use your understanding as you have all been doing already. This kind of morality that these people are into is so far from anything natural we know "who it originates with."


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Why do you think God gave the command to Joshua to wipe out every tribe in Canaan called the Canaanites ? They were all corrupted and influenced by Satan, burning and sacrificing their children to Moloch and doing all sorts of detestable acts.

Joshua ultimately failed to listen to God and didn't wipe out every tribe.

At any rate Jimmy Comet dressed as Majestic Ape talks about infanticide in that one video where he describes "She held on to the end... I had to end that... euthanasia".... this is no different than sacrificing a baby to Moloch taking into account the Moloch picture Jimmy Comet posted. It all goes hand in hand.

The Freemason connection is also very strong. Eric McFadden was caught soliciting sex with minors and was Clinton's Catholic liaison. He is also a Knight's of Columbus 4th Order member. KoC are highly connected to Freemasons.

The whole Catholic child rapes over the past decades is all interconnected. I will make a post on this later. The famous Freemason-Catholic P2 lodge that was charged with many different criminal counts in 1981 admitted that one of the prerequisites to joining the 33rd degree P2 lodge was killing a baby. (hence sacrifice to Moloch). This is WAY WAY WAY bigger than anyone has ever imagined.

I'm not saying your uncle Joe or cousin Anthony who happens to be a 9th degree Freemason has any knowledge of this. It's only the highest degrees that are enlightened using their jargon that are involved in the most criminal elements. Your garden variety Freemasons know nothing and actually just genuinely believe they are in a fraternal organization for good intentions.


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Good points. Freemasonry and the NWO agenda are deeply entwined; Europe is filled with pedo rings involving Elites, it is used to compromise (in order to gain advancement), and then control. the deeper they go, the more they are broken down and accept more depravity and get addicted to the power. Its the ultimate form of coercion through blackmail.

I wrote about Freemasonry / Satanism / EU on my blog




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I agree with you 100%. Thanks for sharing.


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It's a form of self worship. It's the "do as thou wilt" doctrine of various branches of Satanism (Crowley / Ordo Templi Orientis / Thelema) all boils down to the same thing. It dovetails with the polite corporate pushed face - TRANSHUMANISM - see this post https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1501634/7293065


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Yes I agree. Do as though wilt; there is nothing more Satanic than that kind of thinking. Where are you limits? You are pushing aside all your natural affection (which is states in 2 Timothy 3 about the last days that people would have no natural affection) that would tell you your actions are inhuman, ungodly and morally wrong.


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have seen celebrities with that saying on shirts, tattoos, etc


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2 Timothy 3 Modern English Version (MEV )The Last Days 3 Know this: In the last days perilous times will come. 2 Men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 without natural affection, trucebreakers, slanderers, unrestrained, fierce, despisers of those who are good, 4 traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness, but denying its power. Turn away from such people.


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Also, too, reference signs of the last days as stated by Jesus when his disciples asked what would the sign of the last days. Matthew 24:7,8 7 “For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom,+ and there will be food shortages+ and earthquakes in one place after another.+ 8 All these things are a beginning of pangs of distress."


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Great references!


[–] dreamdigital 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Thank you. God is not a mystery as Christendom paints him to be. That's all part of the conspiracy of covering up who God is and who the Devil is. The best thing Satan could have done for himself is to convince people that he doesn't exist and that you can't draw close to God and have him as your friend.


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Great thread!


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The sign was owned by longtime Comet liquor store owner for years. Some investigator here found a picture of the exact same sign on the liquor store storefront. Alefantis bought it from him. Somehow a friend was invovled in his buying the sign.

I enjoy this kind of analysis and am not saying nothing else is going on there, but the sign is a pretty dead end - so far, the evidence points to the idea that this sign was already created by someone else before Alefantis even knew he was opening CPP. (Was THAT owner a satanist/pedo running a front? who knows anything is possible in DC at this point. It was another "community beloved" establishment supposedly) Aside from what is below look for the interview of Alefantis in "DC" magazine called "From Scratch" there is discussion about the sign in the very long interview. It should be in some old coments here, I don't have time to find it for you right now sorry. He talks about getting the sign from the liquor store and a friend who helped him get it. It already had the moon and stars on it. To paraphrase Freud, "sometimes a moon and star is just a moon and star."

Here are some links you should look at - https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1472692 https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1430854

PS - I do think Alefantis has a "Pan complex" along the lines of what can be found in 1000 Days of Sodom by Marquis de Sade. There is no way to read that whole awful book, but I've read parts of it - at the begining a character is described with a voracious sexual appetite who looks nearly like Pan or the Horned God with muscular legs and hooved feet when in his rutting and abusing anything and anyone in his path. BTW in that notorious book children are kidnapped and kept in the castle to be tortured sex slaves and a lot of other weird disgusting actions with them like having them serve cream for coffee after dinner out of their anuses. Ewwww sorry I had to say that but Depravity is REAL. anyway hope that ads to your discussion.


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Here is a photo of a poster by one of the designers who does work with CPP bands and events


Notice the position of the moons and how they are facing (10pm and 4pm).

Now compare to https://ixquick-proxy.com/do/show_picture.pl?l=english&rais=1&oiu=http%3A%2F%2Fgnosticwarrior.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2013%2F06%2FBaphomet-by-Levi.jpg&sp=4a4a73075b5a59eb5edbf370b5d0d41c

No way this is coincidence. All these people are in the know.

As for the fact he bought the cruddy sign and put it on his place, this doesn't debunk anything. If anything it's more suspicious. The first owner was a Freemason. Either Alefantis knew about him, or the sign was well known in "certain circles" for its in your face symbolism. Alefantis probably jumped at it when it was available. He has instant deniabilitybif anyone points to the symbolism "it's from some shop, I was just saving money / keeper by the memory alive / whatever".

The sign is so ugly no young hipster would source it; they'd commission something modern and funky. Not like he is short of artistic friends and contacts; they'd probably do it free for him.

He sourced it because it's laden with symbolism rubbed in the publics face without them being aware


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Well, I think this is where you need to go with your investigation, because you do have to deal with the probability that the sign was purchased as is reported. The liquor store clearly existed for years. I think digging into the previous owner very deeply would be a great idea - I mean who knows? you could theorize maybe the previous owner was the "go to" guy for a long time and Jimmy Comet took over the front operation, and the rest is just a cover story... The crescent moons do look very similar, and the positioning on that poster and similarity is interesting. But the crescent is a really simple and common symbol too and it is on all 4 corners.

I have to say also, I would drop the argument about it being ugly - it's not a strong argument as it is just an opinion. Personally I find the sign appealing because I like the colors and vintage look of it (this is oviously divorced from the revulsion it provokes at this point because of its associations) so you aren't going to get far with an argument that boils down to taste.

I would look into who was the intermediary person who helped Alefantis procure the sign, as I said it is in this interview in DC Magazine with a lot of his self-described background Here - If you can find out who that is and their associations might lead to something (as well as more the liquor store owner - The Freemason thing is something, but not every Freemason is an insider, you could use more.)


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This shows that either Megyn Kelly is in the tank or she did zero research. Either way, it's a complete joke that she was so soft on this loser.


[–] francisco_DANKonia 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

I'm sure she is. It'd be pretty hard to walk away from 20 million a year


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It was so painfully obvious that it was a cover up. I just cant believe with so much drama and shit and how much media loves to flock to that shit because they get more people watching therefore better tv ratings, weather it be true or not.

So, its weird that more news networks didn't want to jump on an opportunity for easy cash when the investigation started to blow up everywhere online.

Seems either bigger news networks live under a fucking cave, or they didn't to touch this story with a ten foot pole because they were ordered not too. I think Until way too much hell started breaking loose to continue ignoring the story, so they staged that half assed false flag gunman attempt to have this pedo come have his one shot at correcting the record, but they fucked that up too and made shit worse.


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My god this is all so interesting


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Plain site, expanded view? Orphans among thousands evacuated from Allepo, Syrulia, CNN???


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The mural "artist" for Comet Ping Pong is also associated with Walt Disney Co. & Coca Cola.


Much of his "art work" is more than disturbing from his Instagram acct. but there are also a few pics of young children and also one pic including pizza. https://www.instagram.com/arringtondedionyso/

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