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Great Job putting this timeline together!...

So PEGASUS might be a code word for this specific "kill room" that he had built and it does look like that 3518 REAR building/house has same kind of red bricks that have been painted over white on the outside of it add to that there are bars on the windows.

3518 Rear;


Here is some more info for your timeline...

Oct. 9th 2014



Harvard Business Services, Inc ?

Registered Agent John Kreher

The company's principal address is 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19958



Oct. 22, 2014

HERECOMESYOURMAN LLC Registration/Effective Date


Dec. 11th 2014 - Report Year


Need to find out who Boris Tochilin is if he exists.


Little Red Fox 5035 Connecticut Ave NW also has work done on a "File Room".



Little Red Fox has large "Vault Door" installed;

ALEFANTIS INSTAGRAM - HIS BUILDER - "Square Soft Design and Pizza are logical bedfellows" - Vaultmaker for Alefantis and Little Red Fox DISCOVERED Found his BUILDER WHO ALSO MAKES COFFINS IN PORTLAND


For the lurkers;

Anyone can register an account and look up the companies in Washington D.C.;


Valerie Weiseman Projects Director at;

Projects Director | Comet / Buck's / Pegasus / +

What is the + symbol? (+)



PEGASUS with James Alefantis


She removed some resume info;


***EDIT 2

All the Designers for Comet Pizza;

Comet Pizza:

Designed by: Joe Wills, James Alefantis, Peter Hapstak, and myself Built By: Myself, Joe Wills, Peter Vladimirovic, Justin Barrows, Dan Hicks, Piero Passacantando


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I assume then "museum" is the code-word for kill room. Search all emails for "museum"

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Note: 'amos' could be another reference to the place, mfproper and joewills have come up many times in pizzagate

Amos has to be John Krehers "right hand man" and thats got to be him...


Here is a review of Here Comes Your Man LLC;


I came home, the job was done, and his tools,his first mate Amos, and he were gone like it was all a dream, my home is better, and I have this sexy steel tube running the length of my kitchen and I love it!!!!!!!

Amos Name;

The name Amos is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Amos is: Strong; carried; brave. Amos was an 8th century B.C. Old Testament prophet

Someone said the name Amos was even on John Kreher's Facebook before he set the friends to private...

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All the Designers for Comet Pizza;

Comet Pizza:

Designed by: Joe Wills, James Alefantis, Peter Hapstak, and myself Built By: Myself, Joe Wills, Peter Vladimirovic, Justin Barrows, Dan Hicks, Piero Passacantando


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If it was all legit, why isn't Alefantis talking about it openly, like 'so excited to have bought the building for our new museum today! Or - Our new museum is coming together nicely, it will showcase ancient Greek artefacts and will be opening soon! Or - 'Started work on our new Museum Pegasus today, digging some holes for the interactive educational science installation' or whatever. The fact that there is no mention of it as far as I can see, openly, anywhere, when it seems he gets about all over the place in various publications and blogs with his restaurants and gallery stuff, makes it very suspicious.

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It's more than suspicious. I don't know anyone that has these kinds of connections, doing these kinds of projects; potentially illegal projects involving shady renovations, in shady areas without permits. It would make sense if a place like this was open to the public but it's hush, hush so this tells me it's a front for something.

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Good points. It's worth noting that museums operate as non-profits, meaning it could just be a mechanism to receive "donations" for "services." And laundering money.

Museum = Non Profit status, which translates to tax free money.

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Spoor, you put a lot of work into this. Amazing detail and fills in the background of where PEGASUS MUSEUM came from. Congrats on doing such an outstanding job.

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I cannot understand why someone would invest in building an art gallery in an alleyway. Not for curb appeal or sidewalk traffic. The only thing I can see that makes this property unique is it's proximity to a children's playground.

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Art galleries don't rely on foot traffic. Just like small scale concert venues don't. You go to the neighborhood, because you like the show.

Like espresso shops an art gallery is a signal a neighbor hood is changing

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So the business that came to my mind was not child-trafficking or drugs, but real estate development. There was a developer here in NY that quietly bought up most of an industrial neighborhood and when he turned it into housing, he gave great deals to the retail spaces in the neighborhood to start getting getting people to visit. For his "anchor tenant" he gave a famous chocolate maker a long term lease where the rent was free for the first two years.

It's now a luxury neighborhood with a lot tech/internet businesses in the office spaces.

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great dot connecting i upvoted everyone here!

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Zoning for the Property -- 3518 11TH ST R NW:

Someone that is an experienced zoning attorney, please review the Use Restrictions and update this thread.

I highly doubt this property in the middle of a residential row house neighborhood is zoned for any type of 'Commercial Activity'. I will be contacting the North Columbia Heights Neighborhood Association regarding this Google Business Listing as a 'Museum'.

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Maybe call the police and report a disturbance there, or say you think someone is growing weed in there. Maybe then the police will show up and it'll get on the news, and people will find out about how this super special innocent kid friendly pizza shop owner/50th most important person in the world/wealthy and generous benefactor of the arts and political parties/esteemed member of the international ping pong network/media darling is also the owner of a weird back alley museum with its own viewing platform in the roof that overlooks a children's playground. Maybe that'll make people finally understand that something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

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Museum handjobs.

You don't like what you see, you don't pay.

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DC Land Use Code 062 = Commercial-Garage, Vehicle Sale (CLASS 2): Structure with facility for motor vehicle repairs; devoted to retail/ wholesale motor vehicle sales.

If Alefantis is really intending to use this property as a 'Museum' or some type of 'art gallery' or 'event space' open to the public, he is taking a big risk spending $s on renovations prior to applying for new zoning. The property is in between 2 residential streets and 1/2 block North of a children''s park. South of the park on the opposite side of Monroe street, the zoning is MU-4 (mixed use commercial). However, he is the middle of a residential block. If the property at one time was used for motor vehicle repairs, presumably it was not open nights. I would not want a business open to the public in the middle of a residential block where I lived or where I owned rental property.

Of course Alefantis does not seem like the brightest bulb so perhaps he doesn't think he needs a zoning variance.

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Great post! Up votes for everybody... I need some to help with the shilly weather...

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because at the end of the day (with the exception of the most graphic and specific images, which id rather not witness anyway) only a court of law can label smoke as fire. For our purposes, we just need enough smoke that the general population loses all faith in and reviles the establishment if it fails to act

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