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Hi, I'm new on voat. This is a great community and I am impressed by the citizen journalism and investigating everyone is doing. I've been following since the scandal broke out. Thank you to all for all you do. I've learned so much.

I happened across this web page for PFLAG, (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), based out of DC. Maybe it's just me overreacting, but their logo is just so questionable considering the meaning of the logos and the use of for an organization that tends to kids.

I'll leave this here and if anyone with more investigative experience than I has time to look into this please feel free to run with it. I am sure they are legit, again the logos were what caught my eye. Again, thanks to all for your hard work. I hope it's OK that I posted this here. I did not archive.


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PFLAG doesn't "tend to kids." The Parents can refer older parents of adults. The Pink Triangle was a originally a symbol used by the Nazis to indicate homsexuals. It was later reclaimed by gay groups. PFLAG is basically a gay rights group that is not made up of homosexuals but people who have a loved one who is homosexual. It was started by the mother of a gay son. So the logo is a heart intertwined with a triangle. It indicates a straight-gay alliance. I had never seen the logo before, it was very clear to me what message they are going for.


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Hi, thanks for that. I just saw logo, location, and kids and figured it wouldn't hurt to share this with the experts. You never know what someone may be sitting on and not sharing because they are unsure! I figured it wouldn't hurt to put it out there. This whole experience is just overwhelming. I appreciate your response.