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This is excellent. I would add those killed for looking into pedo rings and prominent people and a context/history section. I have made a hodgepodge of the two. It is very intriguing for people who know nothing about the subject in general:

Andrew Breitbart - -video of him "fuck you Podesta" "What's in your closet" -Calls Podesta pedo child trafficker on Twitter in 2011 -Zeros in on "ping pong" being brought up on news in interview. -Dies a year later after threatening to release Obama college tapes -assistant coroner also dies

Context History -Nancy Schaefer and husband killed after threatening to expose Child Protective Services -Boys Town pedo scandal (Lawrence King, Paul Bonacci, Troy Boner, private investigator's plane blown up when returning with photographic evidence) -Johnny Gosch kidnapping case (links into Bonacci and Boys Town and possible Jeff Ganon the White House press secretary/male prostitute [mother thinks Johnny may be Jeff!]. Bonacci claims to have taken him and provides unique and corroborated proof) -Jimmy Saville sadistic pedo (covered up by BBC, head of BBC to NYT - still covering it up) -Jeffrey Epstein confirmed pedo (ties to various politicians including Clintons and possibly Trump although Trump allegedly threw him out of private club for pedo reasons) -Ted Gunderson, former head of FBI in 3 major cities, claims elite satanic pedo rings (interviews Bonacci and Boys Town prosecuting lawyer DeCamp. Also died recently of possible arsenic poisoning) -Very recently a massive pedo ring in Norway busted (includes prominent people. Nature of evidence extremely sadistic. Includes infants) -Max Spiers recently killed after investigating pedo rings (specifically Michael Aquino, who was named by Bonacci as head to brainwashing satanic government program, which is not denied and verified mainstream) -Jill Dando killed for trying to expose pedos at BBC -The husband of Camila Wright, assistant attorney general, crusaded against child sex trafficking in Georgia shot dead