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I just saw this thread because it was xposted to /r/conspiracy. When I came here to check it out, I noticed some of my original research in your post, mainly about the handkerchief and dominos (and am aware other people were looking into these too). I'm glad these clues are still being focused on and presented as a key part of this investigation. Although I don't know exactly what they mean, I think they are very important.

At first I thought "playing dominos" is just an easy way to obscure the word domination, but I wanted to share a new insight with you about what I think "playing dominos" might represent - the domino mask. It's a common prop or piece used in masquerades. Think Eyes Wide Shut.

Check out this excerpt from a book about Versailles masquerades:

To conceal their identity, dancers wore the domino, a half mask worn with a cloak.


The only precaution taken by the palace was to require one member of each group of masks to unmask, give his name, and take responsibility for his fellows.

I don't know exactly what "taking responsibility for his fellows" means. This could all be innocent. Or this could refer to some kind of ritual sex act. Something along the lines of Syssitia in ancient Cretan/Spartan times, which was part of the overall training (aka Agoge):

At around age 12 the boys would enter into an institutionalized relationship with a young adult male Spartan. Plutarch described this form of Spartan pederasty (erotic relationship) wherein somewhat older warriors would engage promising youths in a long-lasting relationship with an instructive motive. The boys were expected to request the relationship, which was seen as a method to pass on knowledge and maintain loyalty on the battlefield.

Agoge was the rigorous training program for males starting at the age of 7. They called the supervisors of these boys paidonomos which means "boy herders". Paidonomos kind of sounds like dominos. In the Wikipedia article for this topic it even suggests the boys would give their loyalty to syssitia even over their own family. However, the heirs to the royal house did NOT participate in syssitia.

It's interesting as well that in historical context of Cretan society, Aristotle believes King Minos establishes pederasty as a form of population control. A modern word for population control is eugenics, and it is alleged that foundations like Clinton's or Bill & Melinda's have eugenic goals. There are positive and negative forms of eugenics as well.

With agoge/syssitia in mind now establishing a link between pederasty, rituals, food, orgies and men's clubs, let's review the statement "playing dominos on cheese or on pasta" one more time. Perhaps cheese is a girl and pasta is a guy OR cheese is an upperclassman and pasta is a peasant (serf). Playing dominos might refer to domination or unmasking the domino mask and "taking responsibility for his fellows". Is it code speak for selecting a BDSM partner for the evening? Just some food for thought, heh heh.

Alright now here comes a post I've been saving for /r/conspiracy. It's going to be a bit of a wild one since this isn't really a complete piece of research yet, but there are some pieces worth considering. Here it comes below.

James Alefantis has an obsession with ancient Greece

In ancient Greece, young boys suffered routine sexual molestation by older men:

James Alefantis' middle name is Achilles. How is this significant? Achilles and Patroclus had an archetypal male bond, similar to Alexander the Great and Hephaestion.

Having a middle name of Achilles doesn't mean you're his reincarnation though. James' father had the name too, so clearly he just passed the name down to his son. People might have strange or suggestive names, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything. However, his name sets up the premise for his Greek obsession.

James Alefantis has a social media profile picture depicting the bust (head) of Antinous. He likely selected this image on purpose for its message and symbolism, since he could have chosen any Greek symbol which more people might be familiar with. In Greek mythology, Antinous was the Greek teen boy lover of Roman Emperor Hadrian:

Pederasty originated as early as 650 BC in ancient Crete as a form of initiation which involved ritual abduction where a man would abduct a boy and take him back to his orgy palace:

Cretan pederasty as a formal social institution seems to have been grounded in an initiation which involved ritual abduction. A man (philetor, "lover") selected a youth, enlisted the chosen one's friends to help him, and carried off the object of his affections to his andreion, a sort of men's club or meeting hall.

I emphasized initiation because it is commonly believed that the elite use initiation and blackmail as a rite of passage into the upper echelons of power and government, and here we see it in a pre-Pizzagate context. Also see Jeffrey Epstein / Lolita Express.

An andreion is the term for a cafeteria or mess hall. They called their pederast acts a "love feast". They even had a special mandatory meal called syssitia in which all men and boys participated and the women/girls could not participate. So we start seeing early food references in relation to pederasty and orgies. Syssitia is ancient #Pizzagate!

During syssitia, the boy would drop a ball of dough into some water, or smush the dough to symbolize his feelings (I guess?). Pizza and pasta are made from balls of dough. The word "pasta" is an old word for long room. The word "pastas" is an old word from aristocratic society in ancient Crete, which meant the master of a serf. The word "pasta" is also a term for peasant (serf) food. Actually serfs were lower on the rung than peasants.

It is said syssitia is a combination of blood, meat, vinegar and salt. Reminds me of Spirit Cooking.

And it should be mentioned that syssitia is not some obscure ritual, ancient Cretan and Spartan society revolved around it. The citizens would donate to fund syssitia for everyone, the cost was nearly half of the state's revenue.

James Alefantis has a registered business called Castellum Achilles. Castellum is the source of the English word castle. So, Castle Achilles. I believe this is a reference to a real palace called Achilleion, designed around the mythical hero Achilles.

From about 1921 to 1924, the palace housed the Save the Children Fund orphanage under the administration of brothers Garabed and Margos Keshishian. This operation moved its 1,000+ orphans, including many Armenians, from Constantinople after Ataturk took Smyrna.

So after Turkey committed genocide against the Armenians in 1915 and Smyrna got burned down in 1922, they took the refugee children to this orphan place. Sorry not place, palace. A Greek palace no less, and we all know what those guys were into.

The reason I think this Achilleon palace and Save the Children Fund orphanage are significant is because Laura Silsby was caught trying to traffic "orphans" out of Haiti and all but one of those "orphans" was returned to their parents (they weren't actually orphans, she was stealing children in the name of God and Save The Children).

The word castellum could also mean a watch tower or high wall. Interestingly enough, the Wikipedia article uses Hadrian's Wall as an example, Hadrian is the older pederast counterpart to Antinous which I already mentioned above.

James Alefantis also has a business called PEGASUS. I'm not sure where this one leads yet.

That's all I've got for now. Not sure if any of this actually helps, it's just some stuff I've observed. Show me your James / Greece connections!


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This was a great, thought provoking contribution. I find myself wondering about the connection between pederasty, hedonism and corruption and how they contributed to the downfall of great civilizations like Crete, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and the European monarchies/Empires. I wonder what this means for America.


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Any sources regarding Alefantis' owning those 2 businesses? If so, you should link those in your comment.