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[–] im_at_a_desk 9 points 6 points (+15|-9) ago 

glad this thread made it to the top. statements and addresses like this are so important and prevent us from falling into sensationalism. please lets all stay critical of all posts. hastily upvoating without reading and evaluating has a terrible effect on us. before upvoating remember that all posts have the potential to discredit EVERYTHING we've worked so hard for if its blatant disinfo.


[–] mooteensy 8 points 1 points (+9|-8) ago 

Two downvotes for a well-said & IMPORTANT comment? I'd give you two upvotes if I could @im_at_a_desk! Great message.


[–] im_at_a_desk 3 points 6 points (+9|-3) ago  (edited ago)

thanks! i think it came across as somewhat pompous and arrogant so i dont disagree with the downvoats if thats the message theyre trying to send.