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Of course, by design. It's a "limited hangout". The real news is the Foundation, and all the evil fruit that goes with it. Until..........the pedophilia. Think it through. For us, this is outrageous. For them, it's a minor entertainment. Of course its also a great source of cash.

Assange thought, this will cook her goose. Little did he realize how profoundly screwed up and controlled the US is. Who are you gonna call? Obongo?

This is worldwide. It's all over the UK. It was all over Belgium before that. Nothing ever happens. A few, low-level- sacrifices are made and its right back to business as usual. Who's gonna prosecute. The prosecutors and their bosses are the perpetrators.

This is the sort of problem that's tailor-made for a re-run of the Citizen's Vigilance League. That happened in San Francisco in the 1850's. They had a string of murders. They organized a group, rounded up the culprits, they received quick trials an next-day hangings. They didn't have another murder for over fifty years.

The only solution for all these problems is to make them irrelevant. They already are, they just need to be reminded of it. Stop relying on them for anything. That's the only choice you have. Either submit yourselves to their tender mercies, or grow a pair and take care of business yourselves.

We don't need anymore snowflakes. We need honest men and women who refuse to tolerate this type of behavior.


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It is so very sad when you steal billions of dollars orchestrating it through a natural disaster when that's not even what you did that was really bad... How brazen to do this and traffic hundreds of their children at the same time. Pure Evil, it would be an insult to the devil to call Hillary Satan.


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If we follow the theory of a hazing ritual then lynching will only punish the puppets, leaving the puppet masters untouched.