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From your link I went to the case about the CP guy getting s 50yr sentence in MS. Here is a quote from article: "Criminals who produce and distribute child pornography violate the rights of our society’s most precious asset,” said Christopher Freeze, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Mississippi. “This case and sentence should send a strong message to those who participate in these nefarious activities that law enforcement in Mississippi is committed to seeking out, investigating and prosecuting those who prey on children.”

Maybe we should email Agent Freeze just to let him know we are paying attention and are supportive of the FBI agents who are trying to root out this national level ring. Start finding the agents in charge of these types of investigations in different states and start communicating to them our findings/concerns.

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The Gowdy bill is strange bc Jackson-Lee, of all people, co-sponsored. She's a corrupt, abusive POS. She would have NO interest in this shit. She has done NOTHING to improve the lives of those in her district. Ever.

Many many people who do not have a voice within govt and military have been dying to speak and be heard. Expect floodgates to begin opening in Jan when the coast is clear. LOTS of secrets this past 8yrs.