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I have to agree with you on that. In a way it's nice to be scrolling through wondering what's actually real and what is not. If we had a definitive /v/ based purely in what we read, see, and link together we would have what would be a fairly sound, sounding thread.

Unfortunately, as I dive further into the crazy symbols and actually learn what symbols mean to the powerful; I can see why people think it's important to put the information out there. You kind of have to be able to spot the smoke to locate the fire.


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I've seen a few comments that I figure were people trolling for a laugh, but I really do think the majority are shills. What better way to get someone who is uninformed to turn their back? Coat the truth in a thick layer of fringe conspiracy!

No joke, I was on several discord servers when I found out about pizzagate, this was right before /r/pizzagate got banned, and when I brought it up several people basically said "that illuminati pizza thing? I stop listening soon as I hear illuminati".