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Replying to OPs comment instead of glorifying brand new shill account. (This is what I was referring to:

That's not how Occam's razor works. Logic only has a preference for simplicity because it's harder for us to test complex hypotheses. In many cases, the most popular theories have the least amount of assumptions because they can be falsifiably tested.

There's not a lot of assumption that has to be made for the image.

It's a picture of a guy with a boner, farting on the face of what appears to be a toddler with the caption: "True love". I would argue that the vast majority who saw this image would likely find it strange or upsetting, to say the least.

There are more assumptions when you hypothesize that the image represents a pictograph of body parts that when translated from Spanish to English, sorta resembles the word "Pedophile".

I'm not going to say you're wrong because I don't have to translate this thing from Spanish to see the context of the image, which is "Children give El Pedo a boner."

EDIT: @reasonedandinformed You better back it up. What the fuck is caution trolling? And can you show me where it applies to my post? I literally said the same shit as everyone else and agreed that this is some sick shit... but apparently I'm CTR? Okay. Whatever your paranoid mind comes up with, bud.

But seriously, what the fuck does that mean? I wanna know. Like, legit. Seems you know an awful lot about CTR and some of us are just casual observers, trying to piece all this shit together. But you wanna throw me under the bus for what reason? No wonder people on this sub call you a shill, dude... you're all over the place.


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Nice caution trolling, a classic CTR tactic.


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C'mon man! There isn't anything weird at all about drawing pictures of dudes with boners farting on babies...