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Update after reading through stuff -

I don't think @crensch had any bad intentions, this way of expression is pretty common to Voat culture and they fight to protect their right to do so.

All the same I am fully aware of attempts to discredit us and how close this comes to the current 'fake news causes violence' theme we have going on, so I have copied @crensch s sticky and made some adjustments so his actual intentions come through a bit stronger.

peace everyone, but stay vigilant


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pizzgate must find the truth and publish it!

no more baby raping satanic shit, blackmail system or not!

clintongate must find the truth and publish it!

no more sociopathic mass murdering treasonous cunts in politics like the clintons!

investigate the clintons (not regarding pedo rings) at v/clintongate

investigate the pedo rings (including the clintons) at v/pizzagate !

(here on voat we can haz sister subs without diminishing the power of the original! v/askvoat v/askgoat for example!)