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They are simply helping the investigation by identifying articles with significant links for us.

Thank you NYT!

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Heh. Have an upvoat ;-)

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And another!

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besides arabs involved in the neighborhood real estate, wasn't there mention of some connection to Norway as well? Seems I saw it over here, but my sometimerz is acting up.

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Idk but Norway was donating to the Clinton Foundation and dropped their donations by 90% after the pedophile ring was discovered. I assume they linked the two.

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One more!

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This would make a great meme. Evidence of sites attempting to hide and remove things is really telling. And anyone can search for the story themselves and see that it's no longer there.

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Orwell said it best, down the memory hole!

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Be prepared to be banned for brigading if you click the above link and then vote on anything.

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The second screenshot says "This news-agency article is no longer available on nytimes.com" and the first screenshot says "By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS" in the byline, so I think it was removed because it was licensed for a fixed amount of time.

The AP article is still syndicated on many other websites and at the Associated Press site at http://bigstory.ap.org/article/3f53996696a24d0da8c1d8fb117beca0/norwegian-police-arrest-20-men-pedophile-network-probe

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The NYT has a paper edition, a digital tablet edition, an online subscriber and free edition, a search service for online subscribers to look up past articles (and where they rightfully expect to find all past articles) and their content is archived in many national and academic newspapers databases. This publication model is not at all compatible with time-limited content. Obviously they can't remove content from the paper edition and the tablet edition (it's a downloaded document) and that would make things really confusing if they pulled things they have published from archives and databases which purpose is to retain the history of published articles. This would also break the references of all the websites and other articles who use the NYT as a blueprint for fact checking. Not to mention search engines (a big part of their incoming traffiic) that would get dead links. Wikipedia is a prominent example of such website that is chokefull stuffed with references to the NYT and other mainstream newspaper.

I've never seen that happening, and I have been landing on NYT articles from search engine queries and Wikipedia very often. What are the chances that the first instance of that I ever see would be about an article with strong connection to #pizzagate during the most intense wave of censorship the web has ever known.

I'm very skeptical of your hypothesis. Can you point us to the section of AP licensing terms where they describe this limited time license? And show a handful of other non-pizzagate and non-election related articles of the NYT where this happened so that we can confirm this isn't an isolated case and not caused by a political bias?

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you the real mvp.

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So the AP licensed it out to NYT for less time than the other websites? Or they decided to just remove it?

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Wow nice catch. If that's the case then this is sadly another thing which is to good to be true.

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Fake news is not a thing, "fake news is not a thing" is a thing.

Fake news is milhouse.

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Let's compile a list of everything that's been deleted

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Don't trust the NYT. Carlos Slim owns 17% and contributed six figures to the Clinton Foundation, and he's currently in the process of merging his own foundation with them.

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yep, worlds richest man and has ties to human trafficking. NAFTA was pushed by George Bush then ratified and signed by Bill Clinton. NAFTA was the mechanism that gave Carlos Slim the monopoly on human trafficking across the USA/Mexico boarder.

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You got it!

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Jesus, I wish more people would wake up and do their research on just exactly who is shoving this "fake news" narrative down their throats at every opportunity. I just hope the real news sources they label as fake survive this ordeal.

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I agree, but I'm anticipating a complete restructuring of the media, so I'm afraid that the trusted news sources will get thrown into the mix as well and we'll be back to square one wondering who to trust. All we can do is vet who owns and manages what and hope they aren't a sociopath.

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They can only survive by getting public support.

1) By removing adblockers for their site, and clicking on a bunch of ads here and there (anybody can do this one). 2) By buying merchandising and /or making donation

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"Floystad told reporters Sunday that many of the suspects are highly educated, and include lawyers and politicians."

Hmmmm, sound familiar...?

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Great find.

Remember that NyTimes also wrote an article attempting to normalize pedophilia: http://nyti.ms/1CNYxiF

Also Mark Thompson, current CEO of NyTimes, was CEO for BBC and obfuscated the Jimmy Saville Pedophilia case: https://youtu.be/N9o6F6z16lI

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Unfortunately , This is already in the DSM-5 and is currently being taught in all psychology Classes world wide. http://jaapl.org/content/42/4/404 Many in society are likely to equate Pedophilia with child molestation. They are not the same. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5)1 may be contributing inadvertently to the misconception that they are the same, for the following three reasons:

First, DSM-5 states that an indicator of a Pedophilic Disorder would be that an individual has “acted on” his sexual urges (Ref. 1, p 697). “Acted on” could mean that he has actually molested a child. On the other hand, it could also mean that he has masturbated to pedophilic fantasies or that he has viewed child pornography. The current criteria for diagnosing a Pedophilic Disorder place some persons who have never molested a child into the same diagnostic category as those who have done so. That could cause confusion, suggesting that the current definition of a Pedophilic Disorder may lack adequate diagnostic specificity. As a consequence, the distinction between being sexually attracted to children in some fashion (e.g., experiencing urges to view child pornography) and experiencing urges to act on that attraction with a child can easily be lost.

Second, at present, in discussing Pedophilia, DSM-5 makes reference to the term Pedophilic Sexual Orientation. Sexual Orientation is ordinarily used to designate the category, or categories, of persons whom a given individual finds to be sexually appealing. Those who are heterosexually oriented are sexually attracted to adults of the opposite sex; those who are homosexual, to adults of the same sex; men with a heterosexual pedophilic orientation, to prepubescent females; and men with a homosexual pedophilic orientation, to prepubescent boys.

In the face of significant criticism of its inclusion in the DSM-5, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has stated its intention to remove the term Pedophilic Sexual Orientation from the diagnostic manual.2 Removing that term in response to public criticism would be a mistake. Experiencing ongoing sexual attractions to prepubescent children is, in essence, a form of sexual orientation, and acknowledging that reality can help to distinguish the mental makeup that is inherent to Pedophilia, from acts of child sexual abuse.

Third, in discussing the nature of a Pedophilic Disorder, DSM-5 has done little to characterize the multitude of psychiatric burdens associated with the condition, burdens that are frequently present, even in the absence of any acts of child sexual abuse.


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Fuck off with your "Burdens". Like they're some kind of tragic heros. This is a clear attempt to claim "victim" status for them, and the attendant "special considerations" victim groups are afforded in our society. This is just the pedophilic syndicate trying to ride the identity politics gravy train while it's still running at full speed. This allows them charity status and to have out and proud lobby groups representing "their rights" in public.

Fuck them, fuck you. You can fucking suck it up. You don't have a right to "realize your perversion" and sexual kinks. I bet it must kill you creeps to see muslims getting away with their "sexual emergency" defenses in the EU. "It's their culture!" "It's not their fault!"

the American Psychiatric Association (APA) has stated its intention to remove the term Pedophilic Sexual Orientation from the diagnostic manual.2 Removing that term in response to public criticism would be a mistake

Who's to say it wasn't included and promoted as an "orientation" by pedophile groups in the first place, huh kiddyfucker? Maybe they want to scrap it because they know it's bullshit but someone with more power and connections than them forced it in there under great protest? Just from your post alone we know that pedophiles are fucking tireless in their campaign to normalize and legitimize their self-serving perversion. All the while crying "understand us!" and "we're victims!" and yet never once coming to the conclusion that you're clearly more concerned with your own imagined "rights" over the actual rights of children not to be classified as "legitimate" targets of sexual attraction.

I agree with Angry Mob, it would be healthier for society to purge you, than to "tolerate" you. We've seen pretty clearly the damage the identity politics "tolerance" movement has been doing to our culture. And if things like Pizzagate are so wide ranging and heavily financed while considered absolutely taboo in our society, what in god's name is it going to be like once you creeps feel like you're "legitimized"? You think that's going to stop child rape? You think we believe that?

Go fuck yourself.

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i don't care what they're called, i want them dead.

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the case made above contains a false premise.

viewing CP is no different than actually molesting a child, as it contributes materially to the molestation of children.

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A time is coming soon when Tavistock-funded APA horseshit will be burned and all the people who promote it will also be burned.

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Check out what the NY Times published today: "Foes of Russia Say Child Pornography Is Planted to Ruin Them". Hmmmm so one story deleted, and one about Russia planting child porn added. Interesting. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/09/world/europe/vladimir-putin-russia-fake-news-hacking-cybersecurity.html

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"Seeding Disinformation

Hacking is not only a good way to get real information, like the emails of the D.N.C., but a relatively easy and usually untraceable way to plant fake information."

The MSM think they're so smart. Let's say for example that Russia did plant CP in certain DNC members' emails... It doesn't explain the Podestas' pedophilic arts found in their homes and offices. Nice try MSM, but not quite. We won't be fooled again. And the more they try to put the blame on Russia and try to debunk and wipe old articles, the more it seems they are drowning in their own shit.

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Good catch. They obviously try to distract, but nevertheless it's important to understand, that planting CP on someone's computer and give the police a tip, is an almost ultimate weapon to destroy well known people - or the ultimate instrument to put the person under extreme pressure (if there is nothing else to blackmail them).

[–] micha_ 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

But one thing always looked suspicious to me with that childporn-thing: That they were not going for the producers, but that viewing was already a crime.

Now with #pizzagate we begin to understand how deep the hole is. How many politicians, lawyers, business people, journalists must be involved, if they can even attack the US constitution instead to allow an investigation. Now imagine if the hole is that deep, what would be the ultimate tool, to destroy anyone? Upload CP to his computer and give a tip to police. He is finished. And this could happenj to everybody.

We must keep the eyes and spirit open in all directions and planting CP on someone's computer indeed could be an extremely powerful weapon.

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There is a grammar error in the first sentence of the article OP posted. To me, this reflects the possibility the article is a fake, or was planted on their servers to help discredit the NY Times...

The disinformation scent is strong on this one, especially when paired up with the article you have shared.

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You know what. We need to call for a complete removal of the CIA. They are planting these mind games. David Brock Just uses the same argument against you. CIA uses counter psychology. That's exactly what this is.

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Article is from the Associated Press.

Might not be NYT and WP pulling it.

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good call

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The Memory Hole is accelerating!

Soon their articles will be deleted moments after they are written. And after that, The New York Time's Event Horizon will be reached: Nothing gets posted because things get deleted before they're written. Double plus sad.

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