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This is the world we live in. I think the plan was to legalize pedo-activity and/or massively change legislation to allow it over the long run. Politicians in the west have pushed for it. Those who aren't happy with it would end up tolerating it, because the world is either distracted with a war, poverty/inflation or other kinds of trauma to focus on this. Desensitization to debauchery has been a long grooming on children and adults. This is disgusting!


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They were the last group for SJWs to rally around "its not a choice, dont judge him for liking children" kind of thing. I think they jumped the gun a tad on this societally, and now are experiencing huge backlash.

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Yes, I think many innocent people who truly want fairness got blindsided, having no idea of the debauched baggage that attached to it all. Yet some people don't care about it, which is just as sad in my opinion.
and... right now I suspect pedo's world wide are scrambling to change code words and symbols.


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There were those that tried to warn people that the normalization of deviant sexual behavior would lead to this.

Instead of listening and debating everyone thought it would be more fun to mock them.

Looks like they may have been right.


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History is being repeated. Pedophilia was a common practice in Roman and Greek culture. Soon the coliseums will be on full display for those who practice 'hate speech'.


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Its exactly what the plan was, one of the videos is about Judith Levine who wrote a book called Harmful to Minors on the very subject.... this is absolutely insane how many people are connected to this and basically openly practicing in front of our faces...


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Yes, and even if people aren't specifically interested in pedo, they may be interested in other practices, (think Abrahamovic and her desensitization of cannibalism and body slaughter/decapitation, pictures of organ removal from a body,, in the name of art) meaning that they defend all kinds of shite which might reflect their practices.

The idea of mass tolerance and acceptance is part of Arthur Shopenhaur's 3 stage program: - ignorance - education - acceptance. The elite politicians want subjects to rule, and they want them tolerant.