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Great post. Running around telling the normies that the neighborhood pizza guy works on top secret CIA mind control programs is going to do wonders for our credibility.

This is the kind of completely baseless, ludicrously speculative crap that makes blue-pilled people laugh when you try to bring up Pizzagate to them.

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Stop with the fucking opine of gratuitous ad hominem. Speak for yourself and not others you irrelevant twat.

It is not *completely baseless, however your opinion... surely might be.

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For the informed there is nothing baseless about CIA mind control programs, it's on the record for phuq's sake:)

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you are simply wrong about it being baseless. However there is not a DIRECT paycheck, yes.

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I support you with this https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1472527 and this https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1453400

Which I hope helps with some aspects of the picture.

Also, EVERYONE needs to be at least familiar with the history book called "Acid Dreams" which details the CIA's intimate involvement with using LSD both within the agency and to achieve objectives since before the late 60s. For Mind Control techniques and info that are alive and well on the planet today in factions - entertainment faction is mostly covered here go to VigilantCitizen.com if you never have before.

Finally, I theorize that what we are seeing with pizzagate is the result of extreme hubris. "Achilles" Alefantis would appreciate the echo of Greek Tragedy in the idea that when no one else will ever stop you, you ultimately bring yourself crashing down. "Magnificent Ape"? I can assure you the person behind that character believes all their own hype. The blackmail pedo culture of DC just basically started to "flouresce" from about 2005-2015 to the point that the denizens became delusional in their own mindset demonstrating pedostuff and it's Satanic counterpart was normalizing or almost normal because the "art" the "parties" the "social set" made it all seem okay, combined with the rise of social media and an absolute belief in being untouchable and protected. And The Powers That Be that made finanical windfall off of human trafficking are so ingrained in government - the ultimate too big to fail group. They thought. There was no reason not to when the sheep didn't blink in 2008 after the crash and the bankers all got all of jail free and kept their bonuses. The masses were docile, and had been subjugated, and the party was on! The result? openly displayed pedophile Instagram pages and every other thing we've been looking at here as circumstantial evidence, ad naseum. After all, they are just really edgy libertines, right? And there is a philosophy behind that idea you maybe could trace to Voltaire, and there are the rituals and satanism to give their emptyness some meaning and make the blackmail really stick.

We STILL wouldn't be looking at any of it if it weren't for the very recent election leaks.

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Fabulous post, deep insights

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I appreciate your handle and presence.

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we must not let the bigger picture escape, my friend.

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great summary! Thanks!!

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good call.

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Genuinely confused how you are considered a shill... Watching this post, though. Thanks for your work.

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I have as of late wondered if he is CIA myself. Especially after the death threat he did to the pizzagate gear guy.


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I think you're close, I really do. All speculation at this stage but you might be closer to the truth about our Chicken lovin Jimmy than just a humble little pizza cook that rose to the top one thin n crispy at a time.

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