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These reviews are pretty telling...

Edit: Oh look Looks like Jimmy himself left a glowing review here. Shady review by user 'hugebear'

Edit2: Hmm this doesn't appear to be Alefantis as user featureblue points out elsewhere in this thread. Still shady AF.

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Yeah, been reading them... kids cutting themselves? Adults hitting on kids?

Whoa.. so Alefantis is VP of a web pedo hangout. That's news...

Edit: May have jumped the gun a bit. Unless they're using pseudonyms (and Alefantis seems to like his middle name), and fake photos, it's not James Achilles Alefantis. https://twitter.com/jamesachilles

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Jumping the gun is right. Guys, I have no doubt pedos use this site to find victims, but Alefantis has zero connection to it whatsoever. How is this thread being upvoted so much when it provides zero genuine connection?!?! Look at his links, they provide ONLY evidence that it is NOT Alefantis: a LinkedIn with history that is not Alefantis', a Twitter account showing anoterh guy's face, a guy named "James Achilles" that doesn't include the Alefantis name at all...there is NOTHING HERE that is connectable.

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Clintons daughter is also on the board

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Vancouver is a port and is a known pedophile hangout. Also, some very nefarious activity at a politician, lawyer`big business hangout called the Vancouver Club

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I looked at your links. one reviewer said this but many more said things very much like this:PARENTS BEWARE! Within 3 hours of being on that website for the first time, my daughter was contacted by at least 3 adults who asked for photos of her legs in stockings, a miniskirt, etc. The website is a haven for predators and should be shut down.

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Yeah. Seems like the best case scenario is that they are full of shit about the steps they take to ensure children's safety and the worst case is, well...

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Browsing their "Roleplay" and "Politics and Religion" sections... this place is a den of creepy fucks LARPing as 10 year olds. In the roleplay section half of them start their post with something to the effect of... "I'm only ten but..."


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to your edit#2. Can you please state that it's a linkedin profile, I was logged in and it will say I looked at his profile. Not comfortable with that at all.

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Same thing happened to me :-( That guy if he's not Alefantis is going to be weirded out and if he is then that's just horrible I REALLY don't want him knowing who I am, my jobs, where I live etc. Fuck. They really really need to put a warning on that. :-(

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Oh.. look who admins...

I has been friends with some of the members for nearly five years now and I would never leave (until I'm 18 when the account gets locked). The Admins - The Achilles family is amazing and they care about all the KW users.

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So why are we under the impression that Allen W. Achilles and James Achilles are related to or alternate identities of James Alefantis? This is a bit of a leap, unless there is some evidence that I'm missing.

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Yeah, I just saw that too and added to my original post. Hugebear is an odd name don't you think?

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The full post from 9/16/11: KW is awesome KW is the best kids site ever. I joined when I was ten and I have the most amazing friends from all around the world. I has been friends with some of the members for nearly five years now and I would never leave (until I'm 18 when the account gets locked). The Admins - The Achilles family is amazing and they care about all the KW users. The Mods are awesome and they keep everyone safe too. Me and some other members got made Junior Mods in January and we help out on the boards. There's a filter monster that eats anything whats not appropriate and plus if anyone reports anything the Admins deals with it fast. KW is me online family. Thank you Allen for making KW :) ~huge. The sexual content is not aloud so I dont know why 40% of parents and educators says that its there (Thank you for reading me post) .

We do need to 100% confirm connection to JA.

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That made me chuckle.....

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The VP of Kidzworld shows James Achilles, it doesn't say Alefantis, and the picture doesn't look like him so I don't think its our James Alefantis. But keep looking into that; that would be really big if he had his hands on a major kiddie site.

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the registering agent for kidzworld.com is richard w harris, the registering agent for several of alefantis' other ventures is robert a harris.

i've spent the last few hours trying to connect them. I can find all sorts of family for Robert A, and go back three generations. All I can find for Richard W. is a birth record (july 29, 1945 - odd) with no father, and a generic mother. school and bar records, no pictures, and his practice's website is a total dud: http://harristhompson.com/

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I feel like I"m spamming but I'm not. Remember that James Alefantis' middle name is Achilles. Be a hell of coincidence that a guy named James Achilles is not an alias/AKA for James Achilles Alefantis, VP (governor?) of Castellum Achilles LLC.

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We have fire.

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The Registering Agent for Big Cheese LLC in D.C. -- also mentioned in the op - is a Robert A Harris IV.

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Yes, good eye - went to look for confirmation, and here's the twitter page with his picture:


So, may very well not be the same guy, unless James Achilles Alefantis (who uses his middle name in one of his companies) is just using another picture.

Edit: I'd also find it a bit surprising if he was moderating and running a kids website when he has a lot of other pizza duties to attend to.

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You are correct, nothing right now indicates that Alefantis is the same guy. Nothing at all. Looks like a combination of shills and lots of people jumping the gun in their excitment without doing five minutes of their own checking. Keep your heads screwed on straight, people!

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Duties? Putting tomatoes in cans and burning pizza?

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His dads name is Achilles Alefantis and possible alias include





His father Lee Alefantis had a facebook freind of the son of someone from the Bilderberg Group.

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10 tons of tomatoes in the basement will keep a man pretty busy.

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Could be, but the James Achilles from Vancouver supposedly lives at 4552 Puget Dr Vancouver BC. Houses in the immediate vicinity are selling for upwards of 7 MILLION DOLLARS. Does this sound like the kind of money a hobbyist internet site creator would have?

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Didn't he change his name at some point though? I thought I saw that somewhere along the way.

Edit: Nope. I think you are right. This appears to be someone else.

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Can you try to find back the reference to a possible change of name regardless? James Alefantis is an almost perfect anagram of "J'aime les enfants", or "I love kids" in French. This is a troubling coincidence, but if that's his birth name, it's meaningless as evidence. Now if he did indeed change name and chose deliberately "James Alefantis", the anagram meaning would be much more meaningful.

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This appears to be a false lead.

James Achilles of Vancouver has a Strava account, which tracks cycling:


His rides are all in the Vancouver area. I think you've got the wrong person here people!

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ITS NOT THE SAME PERSON. Kidzworld is in no way associated with James A.

I just looked up Herecomesyourman he is an agent for. It's a construction company. Seems pretty legit, nothing suspicious thus far.....

UPDATE: This has been looked at on Reddit.... https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/5bkspx/obama_had_phone_banks_at_comet_ping_pong/

Agent Name JAMES ALEFANTIS Agent Address 5031 CONNECTICUT AVE NW, WASHINGTON, District of Columbia, 20008 Directors / Officers JAMES ALEFANTIS, agent KREHER, JOHN, governor

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His Achilles Castellus business or whatever it's called is really dodgy - on Google street view, you can see the address has the word KIDS painted in red on the wall directly outside the house and there's a little statue of a little child by the door and the lower windows are barred up. No indication what it's used for, the company looks like it was set up just to buy the house. So creepy.

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Thank you! Sanity returns.

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Totally a false lead. OP's evidence didn't point to James Achilles in literally any way at all. Thank you for helping to restore sanity.

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This was discovered last month - Google kidzworld alefantis - and at the time many were not convinced this is indeed Alefantis. We need a solid connection. Everything so far is James Achilles without Alefantis anywhere.

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Careful: The same name does not always mean the same person, so please everyone be careful in making claims (such as with the Andrew Kline claims)...

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Agreed!! I do not believe they are associated.

Here's a review of site and also search Allen Achilles Bio. Seems to be unrelated and just someone who wanted to create a safe place on line for kids. Until harder evidence besides a first name I brought up I'd tread carefully. The only thing that peaked my interest was the NV connection since they are from Canada. Maybe someone can explain why that would be.

http://www.easycounter.com/report/kidzworld.com From: Countable Data Brief Kidzworld.com is tracked by us since April, 2011. Over the time it has been ranked as high as 24 505 in the world, while most of its traffic comes from USA, where it reached as high as 10 322 position. It was owned by several entities, from Allen Achilles to Allen Achilles of Kidzworld, it was hosted by Gossamer Threads Inc and Amazon.com Inc.. While Namescout.com was its first registrar, now it is moved to NAMESCOUT CORP. Kidzworld has a high Google pagerank and bad results in terms of Yandex topical citation index. We found that Kidzworld.com is poorly ‘socialized’ in respect to any social network. According to MyWot, Siteadvisor and Google safe browsing analytics, Kidzworld.com is a fully trustworthy domain with mostly positive visitor reviews.

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This guy is a known shill. Disregard him.

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I did. I'm not finding anything to connect the two.

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I can't find Kidzworld. What did you type?

EDIT: Found it, holy shit. https://opencorporates.com/officers/155892265

It would be pretty big if it's true, I mean a social networking site for kids is basically a heaven for pedophiles. I just would like a link to show he's VP.

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Looks like it may not be:


Of course, it could be a pseudonym and a fake pic. Gotta dig a little I suppose.

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You're right, yeah I don't think it's him.

Pretty damn creepy either way.

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That's a black and white picture of a random dude wearing sunglasses. Could be anyone really. He's never posted any other pictures of himself, which is quite unusual.

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archive everything

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Good work OP. They better have a public hanging for this motherfucker.

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Sorry man, no evidence it's the same guy. James Achilles/James Achilles Alefantis, similar but no cigar...

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They have a connection to a Harris to a separate company known to be run by Achilles. It's in the thread. It's enough to cast reasonable speculation. Hard evidence will come. Patience.

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