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I wasn't alone in my analysis. Next time explain yourself a little better and it will be easier to understand. We're not psychic ya know. There are shills using false info to discount real information, hoping that the public will take it and run with it.

I grew up watching muppets as a kid, and it's a shame people are using my favorite childhood characters to degrade someone. Next time just call me a non-psychic dumbass or something... but please, leave the harmless muppets out of it. (joke, kinda, I really don't want muppets associated in a bad way.)


[–] RedGreenAlliance ago  (edited ago)

Nice try. I replied DIRECTLY to the post which cited the hoax article.

"Analysis"??? What that you failed to notice who I was responding to? That's analysis?

"Psychic"? No just see what is responded to or you will find Voat rather difficult to navigate and your "analysis" will cause you to make basic reading comprehension errors again causing you to falsely criticise others. Got it?

How is it my responsibility if you and the other person do not even know how threads work. What, did you see his attack on me, which he spammed several places, them jump to conclusions and piled in yourself? It just makes you both look foolish.

Your defence of muppets is commendable, Beaker