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I expressed similar concerns in another thread. https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/1467542 Not much feedback. The power structure that we're up against is beyond comprehension.

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That bothers me as well. Nothing much really happened to those involved in the crimes committed in Nebraska. I think that may Unfortunetly be the case with pizza gate. Just like the documentary I mentioned in my original post....who spent time in jail for a pedophile call boy ring that accepted credit cards. No one that I can think of

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I think this thing may have blew up a little quicker than expected. But I feel this is just a game to them. One that they have played many times before. They have players doing what they need to in order to squash this, and they're having fun while doing it.

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It's true this power structure is beyond comprehension but it's also in the weakest state it's ever been in.

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I was born and raised in Houston....Texas CPS is known to be corrupt/inept. Don't have much else to add except that my mother was a psychiatric nurse during the height of the "ritual abuse" era in the late 80's. They had quite a few young patients with suppressed memories of ritual abuse. She said her personal impression was that these people were legit. And then TPTB decided that this was some kind of mass hysteria and insurance coverage for psych care dried up shortly thereafter.

BTW, I'm not so sure Koresh was rescuing kids...but I'm open to any evidence. However, the govt straight up murdered them.

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Monarch (and butterfly symbols) is a word connected to CIA MKUltra and mind control through abuse of young children to create sex slaves and other operatives.

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That's what makes the hotel of such significance in my mind. I think a lot of the horrid things that happen are a result of the original Mkultra and it's many off shoot programs. Just like how we are being demonized as fake news but in 75 the church committee hearings confirmed project mockingbird. Independents are fake ? But it's been known for a long time about Anderson Coppers involvment with the CIA.

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I wonder if thats why AC's brother "committed suicide"

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What do you know about WACO? I've heard theory that WACO was actually a group of people trying to save children from these elite pedophile rings. And well, the heavy handed response and downright murder of 30+ children by our government might really open some eyes.

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I can't speak much on Waco, other than I believe it was an outright slaughter of the branch dividians. I remember reading Koresh had said on several occasions that if they (TPTB) wanted to arrest him; it could have been done on many occasions. Instead it boiled over into many people losing their lives. To me it either means the gov. extremely mishandled the event. Or like with anyone who might have something against powerful people he and his followers were taken out.

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Well, Janet Reno did just die.