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After Hastert was busted, the Republicans didn't want to investigate it, obviously, and they just wanted the scandal to go away and not drag it out figuring the Democrats would beat them over the head with it all through the election year, but strangely, and so unlike the Democrats, THAT NEVER HAPPENED.

So there was never a deep investigation into how a seriously compromised child molester could be the 2nd most powerful person in the US for so many years and we're supposed to believe that Hastert only became blackmailable AFTER he was not in power anymore?

Trump needs to call for an investigation into this. Democrats can't object because it is Republican investigating the details around another Republican. They'll have to applaud Trump for non-partisanship, initially.

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fat chance on that. Trump's already rolling over

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What they said was "that's sad". "I'm still in shock" seems to refer to Hastert being charged.

It's a leap to say that they are trying to shut something down. It might be more that this guy is trying to gain something thru Hasterts demise, what that might be is elusive.

"This traffic is really warm and REALLY WEIRD in light of HASTERT". I find the word "warm" to be strange. Why would they characterize it that way?

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ok if by 'this traffic' he means the renewed communication from Mac (after 50 years). so 'really warm' really means a sly stab like 'overly friendly'. 'Really weird in light of Hastert' implying that this is obviously an odd/suspect/dangerous time to be attempting to renew the connection? 'really warm' could also be an ironic slight to Mac because actually his email is not very warm, its actually pretty cold, and some kind of power play as someone else suggests. I mean he puts his cv in the second email or something.

or really 'warm' meaning hot-on-the -heels of Hastert and really weird for the same reason

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I saw on 4chan last night (don't even know how I got there) that the other unknown that Hastert paid is probably a famous person whom they are protecting. They are all slime balls. Tony and Hastert went to Nose, Osake moons ago 50 yrs. You should read a story in Chicago Mag. in 2013. The story was an interview of Tony about their life and start here in Chicago and he speaks about Hastert and gives him a glowing report! I would provide link but am just starting on here and am not too good at it yet.

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Heating up. Like hot. Like hot on their trail.

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not seeing a sign of trafficking per se in the referenced email exchange. Do see concern over "mac" signalling knowledge of past involvement with hastert and potential scandal/exploit.

So, did podesta(s) go to japan in 2015-16? Any $$ flowing related? Further communication by other means?

identifying the email as "traffic" and saying "warm" is a far cry from saying, "what a nice heart-warming letter our old friend wrote, brother," and reluctance to write further but switch communication channels underscores the suspicion.

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The Jan is Janice Knipp.

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The Nose knows...

Was FBI anon referring to MAC?

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This goes to show there is much yet to be discovered in the Podesta emails.

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Indeed. We need to keep investigating!

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But Masahiko didn't reveal anything. Let's hope Podesta will be charged and jailed, and all of his complices will be too.

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He didn't, but only because he was likely afraid to reveal anything because of the power of the Podestas. He was sending them a message letting them know he was on to them and that they better not have any designs on Japan. In my personal opinion. I think we will hear from "Mac" a lot in 2017.

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amazing! how did you put all this toghether?

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Let's hope Podesta will be charged and jailed, and all of his complices will be too.

Yeah sure because they will totally go and charge, arrest, sue, judge and imprison each others...

"They" are policemen, judges, lawyers, politicians and the ones who make the law and you want them to do their job on them selfs? Funny you.

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I have hope that Trump will appoint them...... To jail.

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Listen to MAC speak, his English is great:

MAC Speaking

Judging by this interview and his a articulate write up its hard to believe the misspellings in the emails are sincere.

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WOW!! Thank you for this! This proves my whole thesis. There is no way in heck that he sent that email with those grammatical inconsistencies on accident. He did it deliberately to mask his intent in sending the emails.

Great work.

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Notice that the extra question marks aren't included in the top-posted version of the original message (in reply message). I think the question mark might replace a non-ASCII character when the email was archived. This is not to take anything away from your excellent analysis.

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