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Part 2


Intermountain – double heart - http://www.intermountain.org/

Hope Full of Connections – 2 hearts, 3 circles - http://hopefullconnections.org/


Child Saving Institute – 2 hearts - http://www.childsaving.org/


Adoption choices – hearts inside hearts, butterfly’s on website, http://www.adoptionchoicesofnevada.org/

Premiere Adoption – butterflies - http://www.premieradoption.org/

New Jersey

Jewish Family and Children’s Service – YBL swirl logo inside sun with 3 circles - http://www.jfcsmonmouth.org/

Family and Children Services – 3 circles - https://www.facsnj.org/2012/index.html Home studies & Adoption Placement – heart in a heart - http://www.haps.org/

New Mexico

All Age Adoptions – two hearts - http://adoptionsplus.org/

New York – they got the circle memo

Cardinal McCloskey – Heart inside a Heart – possible swirl - http://www.cmcs.org/

Children at heart adoption services – simple heart logo, but this sight creeps me out a little, did not get a good feeling when I watched the photo slideshow. http://www.childrenatheart.com/

The children’s village – circle theme - http://childrensvillage.org/

Coalition for Hispanic family services – 3 circles - http://www.hispanicfamilyservicesny.org/

Forever Families Through Adoption – 3 Circles into a heart - http://www.foreverfamiliesthroughadoption.org/

Heart Share – 2 hearts 3 circles - https://www.heartshare.org/

Hillside Family of Agencies – 3 circles - https://www.hillside.com/

New Hope Family Services – 3 circles - http://www.newhopefamilyservices.com/

The New York Foundling – hearts inside of hearts - https://www.nyfoundling.org/

You Gotta Believe – 3 circles with a heart - http://yougottabelieve.org/


Canopy – butterfly - https://mycanopy.org/ Old logo more classic pedo butterfly - https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Mississippi-Children-s-Home-Services-EI_IE696997.11,47.htm

Missouri Adoption haven – swirl heart - http://adoptionhavenllc.com/

Children’s hope International – hearts - https://adopt.childrenshope.net/

North Carolina

Carolina Adoption Services – Logo is suspect, but the graphics in the website have the swirl - https://www.carolinaadoption.org/

Children’s Homes of Cleveland County – 3 circles - https://www.chccinc.org/home.html

Christian Adoption Services – slanted heart doubled, butt like - http://christianadopt.org/

Methodist Home For Children – Heart inside heart - http://www.mhfc.org/

NC Homestudies, LLC. – Circles - http://www.nchomestudies.com/


Adoption connection – heart inside heart - http://www.adoptioncincinnati.org/

Adoption Link – heart inside hearts - http://www.adoptionlink.org/

Bellefaire JCB – butterfly - http://www.bellefairejcb.org/

Building Blocks Adoption Service, Inc - Hearts and Pyramids - http://bbas.org/

Youth Advocate Services – 3 circles http://www.yasohio.org/home.html

Wayne County Children Services – heart inside a heart, three circles - http://www.waynecsb.org/

LCCS – heart inside heart, three circles - http://www.childrenservices.org/


Connecting Hearts – 2 hearts - http://www.adoptionaffiliates.com/

Adoption Choices – 2 hearts - http://www.adoptionchoicesofoklahoma.org/


A Family for Every Child – 2 hearts - http://www.afamilyforeverychild.org/

Hearts of Fire – hearts and weird? - http://www.heartsoffire.com/


Three Rivers Adoption – 2 hearts - http://www.3riversadopt.org/

Tabor – three circles - http://www.tabor.org/

Living Hope – Circles and Hearts - http://livinghopeadoption.org/

Family Services of NW PA – example above 3 circles, old logo had swirl. New logo http://www.fsnwpa.org/ old logo http://www.logotypes101.com/logos/244/41CE55BCB614B2EBD39D0A862A8B47D2/FamilyServicesofNWPA.pngPNG

Family Pathway – butterfly - http://www.familypathways.net/

Adoption by choice – butterfly - http://adoptionbychoice.org/

Adoption Connection - double heart - http://adoptionconnectionpa.org/

Women-s Christian Alliance – 3 circles - http://www.womenschristianalliance.org/

Rhode Island

Adoption options – heart in a heart - http://adoptionoptions.org/

Children’s Friend – YBL swirl logo with a heart - http://www.cfsri.org/


Adoption Assistance Inc – Heart inside a heart - http://www.adoptionassistance.com/

Agape means love – heart with a twist - http://agapemeanslove.org/

Life Choices – heart inside a heart - http://www.lifechoicesmemphis.org/

Tennessee Children’s Home – 3 circles - http://www.tennesseechildrenshome.org/


Homes with Home - Heart - http://www.homeswithhope.org/

ABC Adoption – butterflies and YBL swirl logo - http://www.abcadoptionagency.com/

Adoption Advocates – hearts on tree - http://www.adoptionadvocates.net/index.html

Connecting Hearts – 2 hearts - http://www.adoptionaffiliates.com/

Adoption Priorities – heart inside a heart - http://www.adoptionpriorities.com/

Child Placement Center – 2 hearts - http://www.childplacementcenter.org/

Legacy Adoption Services – 2 hearts – 3 circles https://legacyas.com/


Adoption – hearts on a tree - https://adoption.org/ Forever Bound- heart with a swirl - http://foreverboundadoption.org/

Herat and Soul Adoption – Hearts with swirls - http://www.heartandsouladoptions.com/


Friends in Adoption – heart in a heart - http://www.friendsinadoption.org/


Premiere Therapeutic Foster Care – Circle theme - http://premiertfc.com/index.html

NVFS – 3 circles - http://www.nvfs.org/

Cradle of Hope – 3 circles - https://www.cradlehope.org/

ADORE – 3 circles - http://www.adore-children.com/ Children Services of Virginia – 3 circles - http://www.csv-inc.com/


Lutheran Community Services – 2 hearts, 3 circles http://www.lcsnw.org/permanencyplanning/

Wellspring Family Cervices – YBL swirl logo - http://wellspringfs.org/newsroom/media


Adoptions of Wisconsin – butterfly - http://adoptionsofwisconsin.com/

LCFS- of Wisconsin – heart inside a heart - http://www.lcfswi.org/

Child Foundations

Loving Arms Orphanage Foundation – herart inside a heart - http://lovingarmsorphanage.org/

The orphan foundation – heart inside a heart, three circles - http://www.theorphanfoundation.org/

Orphans at play - 2 hearts - http://www.orphansatplay.org/

The Nyaka Aids Orphans Project – YBL classic swirl logo - https://www.nyakaschool.org/


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http://poundpuplegacy.org/ excellent data here.


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Started trying to delve into this. I think we should compile a second list of foster care abuses that have been discovered and documented and cross reference the logos of any affiliated foundations with the ones we have here. If we see any copycatting we should know we're on the right track.


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The problem is 95% of the foster care arrest news stories is they don't tell you the names of the adoption agencies. And when you go to look up the court records they are sealed for privacy our you have to submit a request for info.

There is so much here to research that I'm contiplating a fostergate sub channel. 4chan got into this last night, let's see what they come up with. Pizzagate ties Washington elite, so it's more exciting, but fostergate shows how wide spread this is, and hits close to home for a lot of people. Many know someone that has been abused through the adoption/foster care system. Pizzagate is the head of the snake, fostergate is the tentacles of the octopus....


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Amazing work, this is huge. Gonna look into these fostering and adoption agencies across Europe and see if can continue the pedo symbol trail.


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In the U.K there's http://adoptionmatters.org very suspect logo.

Russian UK Adoption logo is very similar to girl lover symbol. http://Internationaladoptionguide.co.uk/blog/views/697.html.

http://friendsinadoption.org suspicous symbol.

Loads more suspicious logos all over Europe and the world. http://Orphanage.org.


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Ok, first real evidence of the three circle theory for new york area. SCO Family Services http://sco.org/ currently does not have logo wayback shows the three circles http://web.archive.org/web/20070716165235/http://www.sco.org/

http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/NY-Grand-Jury-Probing-State-Foster-Care-System-Arrest-Sex-Abuse-394398961.html SCO Family Services placed 72 children over 20 years with this guy. Currenly an FBI PROBE

just google foster care arrest, there are SO MANY. tie it back to who gave them the kid. if they have the logo, then we are on to something


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http://medicalkidnap.com This is a website dedicated to exposing CPS and foster care as kidnapping rings. Check this out.


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@LionParty I am sure people have already look in this direction but what in the actual fuck..

    * NAMBLA: North American Man/Boy Love Association  

   * IBLD: International Boy Love Day – this is an actual Pedophile Holiday celebrated by them on June 23 of each year.

    * Newgon: Pedophile version of Wikipedia

    * CLOMA: Child Love Online Media Activism

How the hell are these people allowed to walk around

Found on http://moneyteachers.org/Pedophile.Symbols.htm ( Paul A Drockton Site)


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What the actual fuck!?


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Great work... I'm sure there is something here. THERE IS NO WAY all of the logos are a coincidence.


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Better journalist then all the MSM combined. Now if you can summarize it in a way that can be shared with others, that will be easier for average readers. Thanks!


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Man, how long did this take? Extremely impressed with that research. If they switched logo after the FBI report came out, that very suspicious. I wonder if the pedo community is aware of the FBI report? I mean, say 2-3 years ago?


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It took awhile 3 days.... If the FBI is afraid to come out with this, than it makes sense that there are insiders in on this and the word went out to everyone in the pedo community.... I need a break and go back to my real job. lol good luck guys. im not on the chans, so if someone could put that up on there that be great


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“Signs and Symbols Rule the world, not rules and law” – Confucius


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Fantastic work. I urge you to put this on the chans. It's anonymous. All you have to do is copy/paste your work. If it hits the character limit, just post the rest in a series of comments on the thread. The chans are still one of our best resources.

EDIT: let me know if you cannot do it for whatever reason and I will do it late this evening


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i just posted on 8chan


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http://i.imgur.com/HJv8pIg.png Did anyone ever link Missouri?

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