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The scariest ones are the true Luciferians. There's a difference. The Luciferians really believe in this crap. And they run the world:

The Lucifer Publishing Company, aka The Lucis Trust, heavily tied to the UN, with offices in Geneva, London, and NYC.

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Excellent post very well thought out you have covered all the bases perfectly here. Well done sir. Now you have to expand each phase of the operation with actual details from the investigation here. I am certain the Podesta brothers were in Portugal and they bought Maddie McCann for cash from the guy who snatched her or maybe from her parents they might have sold her to the Podestas for a lot of money. I think Maddie is still alive I think it's her in the party picture with Podesta and the others playing that board game. She has no memory of who her birth parents were back in 2007. The kids have to be transported around in vans or on school buses sometimes by jet planes there was a story where a guy who worked at an airport went on to a plane on the runway and it was totally full of kids and a woman yelled at the airport worker to get out he was not supposed to be there and I think this story is true. CPS is supposed to be Child Protective Services but it's really Child Pedophile Service or Child Procurement Service. When they take kids away from "abusive families" the kids are never seen again they go into the global pedophile network and the CPS workers are paid for each kid they place.