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Wasn't this shared by some guy with some ridiculous mission impossible story, complete with the death of his friend and a mysterious government agent who was whisking him away to hiding? But, not before spamming this "menu" complete with child porn all over Reddit..

Not buying it.

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Contact the uploader and ask for a copy of it with video. I don't want just the audio, makes it less credible

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actually if you go to 15:00 there is video

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Yeah, I know. I just asked for video. We'll see what happens. I accidentally stumbled upon it while looking for something totally unrelated a bit ago. I just wanted to get other voaters opinions on this

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It has a real sound to it. But could EASILY be fake. The more fake evidence the Pizzagate movement think is real the better for the peddos.

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I agree there needs to be more proof on this. A "hacker" showing screens with no explanation to an app. Then boom here's this document. They need to be linked together and explained alot better. We can't spread this around as proof yet

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looks real to me but who knows where he got it from

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so where is this app accessible from? this is practically irrelevant if all we've got is a crappy screenshot of text.

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