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I am aware that this movement is a thing or i wouldn't have posted it, but if you read more of this particular blog's articles you will find that they are not just saying 'Don't overbear your children'. They are actively trying to dismiss very real fears of pedophilia, and they are even attempting to normalize it. They post highly specific extreme exceptions to the sex offender legislation (people who were caught peeing outdoors or who were falsely accused but still convicted) and attempt to play it off like these exceptions are a majority among sex offenders when that is completely false .


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Phobos, as I said:

I think the articles you shared are brainless justifications of their negligence parental methods against talk of stranger-danger.

Without a good reason to believe this isn't just a classical case of wishful thinking, I'd be careful before crying wolf.

Hanlon's Razor.


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When does she attempt to normalize it?