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My parents were overbearing. I was generally not allowed out of the house, and asking too much could get me beaten. This was "for my own good," supposedly, "because a predator could get you." I stopped believing that I was being constrained for my own good when I realized that nobody cared if I just left. I spent more and more time just wandering the vicinity. I only got in trouble if I asked permission. I eventually made two attempts to run away from home. Third time was the charm, because I booked an airplane ticket the third time.

This experience makes me leery of naysaying a blog about free range kids, even if that symbol is exactly the logo from the FBI report.


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Then you are missing the important part of the story, because this isn't a post about overbearing parents, it's a post about Free Range Kids denying a known pedophile symbol and posting heaps of articles that defend, normalize or dismiss pedophiles as 'the product of paranoid parents' imaginations (paraphrase)"


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I clicked into the website. It looks... unimpressive. If I didn't already agree with the POV it's pushing, these articles wouldn't persuade me. It's sad that this domain isn't in the hands of someone making a better case, and it'd be sadder still if the authors were actually predators.

That old guy whose case you highlighted probably is harmless. If the writer told no lies about his condition, he's psychologically and physiologically incapable of predation due to his failing brain and body. AFAIK his wife is also right about the residency requirements applying only to voluntary residence. Most importantly, he's not a convicted pedophile. He's a convicted gynecologist. There's little reason to suspect that arguing his case in particular covers for pedophiles.

About the logo, I think this blog is being innocently stupid, not criminally disingenuous.