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Again; no. We thrive on controversy.


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I hear a lot of people squawking about anti semite remarks on here but I'm yet to see one. Is it really that big of a problem?


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I suggest you make a post with JDL, ADL, SPLC, or AIPAC on the subject post line, your post no matter the content will be deleted within minutes.

Try to make a post and use a name like Anthony Wiener, or Andrew Kline, or Sheldon Adelson and sell how long before the mod's ban your account

The problem is defining 'anti-semitism' in this forum it means that No Jewish Organization or family name may ever be mentioned.

The Irony of course is that AIPAC essentially run's the traffic network that's has compromised USA polticians.

In summary #Pizzagate is really the foxes guarding the pedophile chicken house..


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the shills are creating a semblance of a war between antisemites and people who claim to be against antisemitic people. Whichever way I ban its either 'censorship' or 'antisemitism. Haha. It's all spam/concern trolling either way. Like you pointed out, no examples, I've yet to see someone being genuinely antisemitic. Its just to create drama.