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Proof you are a former mod? Why didn't you message him and express your concern? Why take the question public? What post is it exactly you had a problem with that he deleted? You haven't provided any answers to any of these questions. This post looks like it meant to bait stupid side arguments and generally just lower this subs morale.

Disregarding if you actually are a mod from Reddit, we definitely shouldn't fuck with you.


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This is voat, all concerns are community concerns. That's why the mod logs are public.

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[–] Tzitzimitl 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

well its a pretty common tactic on reddit, that when a mod fancies itself the ruler of its tiny, insignificant little bit of power over other people that private messages to the mod team are as useful as tits on a pig.

the fact that you came from reddit demonstrates two likely scenarios: A) your just smart enough to realize that reddit is a sinking ship but your too fucking stupid to not repeat those mistakes, or B) your actively working against the investigation.

which one is it, @Sapphique ?


[–] Sapphique 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Excuse me for questioning a dissenting post with no substantiated information, I must be working against the sub. Either that or I'm "fucking stupid" because I'm from Reddit. If you know that, you must of looked through my post history long enough to scroll to the bottom. Why don't you look at what I've contributed and make that assertion yourself before questioning my integrity as a member here. I came here to help and encourage discussion, I try to speak out against posts that trigger my bullshit sensor. Most posts pointing fingers with no evidence are bullshit, and I don't think people should take the OP at his word.



[–] Spuddlebuns 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

and they should not fuck with US. We ALL follow the SAME rules. No special treatment. But the snowflakes cry because they are unique and special. MEH. GTFO if you can't play nice with others. The rules apply to ALL, and not ONE of us is so important as to be exempt from the rules. STAY FOCUSED. Go post your weird ass, unrelated, obtuse pseudo-religious crap ELSEWHERE, UNLESS it is SPECIFICALLY related to #pizzagate. If it is, SAY WHY, and most likely, it will remain here. I don't care who you are or were here, or on Reddit, or anywhere else. YOU are just another one of US. Either get with the program or leave. The intelligent people will fight the good fight with or without you. YOU make the call.