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I am from Illinois and we actually had a news story that circulated for a little bit about how THREE THOUSAND children from our local DCFS department were unaccounted for... so... i thought that was odd back then. And was baffled by how it didnt become a bigger deal. Now this all makes sense.


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If you have any articles to substantiate this that would be very pertinent to our cause.


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Please give us a source on that if you can, that would be HUGE for our cause.


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Um what? I have worked with DCF in my state. We have 90 in the whole state unaccounted for and the majority of those, we think, are homeless living with family members and are not on state aid anymore/it ran out, moved out of state which can leave a case open until the new state takes over so not really missing just not here kinda deal. Since we have had state wide health coverage for all children for quite some time now, that makes it much easier to keep tabs on kids in DCF cases. I am amazed at the 3,000 figure. First off, that is a ton of kids to have in DCF and I wonder if that does not include cases where a case was not closed or followed up on due to a move. If a case is not closed and just gets pushed to the back burner, tracking them down can be tough with kids not in school yet and with the economy forcing parents to leave the county or state for work and families moving in with family members. Second, how the fuck do you lose that many kids and what percentage is that of all the kids in DCF? You figure 10% of kids may be hard to find, at least here, and that would equal 30,000 kids in DCF if that were the case in Illinois. I sincerely hope the Illinois DCF is just over worked and not tracking kids well because if there are actually that many missing kids on record, that is fucking sick. How have they passed the yearly audit???


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