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carisjames refers to CARIS: A date rape drug.. carisoprodol (also a drug THAT BLOCKS PAIN)

Quite a few links to this from CometPizza. All tweets from this hash have been deleted.

-Nothing suspicious here..

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This is interesting because the pig farm owner he knows, Kent Ozkum, is also a doctor specializing in?.....you guessed it....pain medication and an anesthesiologist!!!

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Urgent: Casket company "The company has 2 principals on record. The principals are Cory Wren Woolman from Portland OR and Robert Scott Cummings from Portland OR." (quoted from the link below). https://www.bizapedia.com/or/portland-natural-casket-company-llc.html

Equally urgent (???): Also in Portland is a "MR" Cory Woolman, per the BBB site, who runs a learning center for small children with several locations. No idea, of course, if it's related, but it seems odd and a bit too coincidental. See "ChildRoots"

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The "Mr." may be a typo? Cory Woolman was Director at Childroots - there's a thread up somewhere here on Voat. Includes her full resume - Employment Record - Education/Harvard

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The very minute he stated "god daughter" a red light lit up with me on this! She definitely needs to be found.

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I submitted a tip here but I am hoping that someone has looked these parents up already. I do not Trust the tip line at all, not for a second. http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/crime/article2486184.html This has their names. Does anyone know how to reach them?

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I could be completely off here but when I clicked to see which two profiles CarisJames follows, it's Farrah and Maci from MTV's Teen Mom. Remember a few years ago when the show first started and Tyler and Catelyn give their daughter CARly up for adoption to this wealthy couple?

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I believe Tyler and Cate's daughter is about 7ish now.

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She may be. She is in the #chickenlovers picture with Scott, and I can identify her with him in two photos here.[1]

Only two daughters are identified in that thread, but it's clear from their MySpace gallery that they also have a son.

James says "Caris loves being in Europe", but it's possible he was joking.

[1] The relevant part of the original post, in case the cached link does not work:

The girl referred to as #CarisJames is actually Caris Cummings, Scott Cummings daughter. CCWoolman is Cory Woolman, Scott's wife. Together they have two daughters, Caris 5 and Mae 8.

http://archive.is/9FN8n - Caris

http://archive.is/vSqri - Caris drinking milk, Cory Woolman commented

http://archive.is/vaDfJ - Caris

http://archive.is/0Az6u - Juniper Wills

http://archive.is/k0YJ3 - Caris?

http://archive.is/NaP2M - Mae

http://archive.is/ayA91 - Scott holding Caris

http://archive.is/ZwwUn - Mae and Caris

http://archive.is/hPsLM - Mae

https://i.sli.mg/zF3Ofm.png - Caris

https://i.sli.mg/2FyXrV.png - Caris


https://i.sli.mg/wa9PAH - old photo on Scotty Cummings FB, Caris?

http://archive.is/2uKCz - Scott, Cory, Mae and Caris

http://archive.is/s31H5 - Mae

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Here are some additional photographs from Facebook: * Caris * Mae and Caris * Mae, Caris and Quinlin * Caris

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I think this is one of the best lines to investigate. Alfantis has said this is his God-daughter.. He should prove it and prove her well being

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You see that hashtag on so many of his instagram posts. I was wondering what the meaning was, are we sure it is only the name of this girl? It doesn't have some kind of other meaning also?

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I think the #CarisJames tag simply means "Caris with James".

(I explored other possible meanings before. For example, someone called her Ceris, which is Welsh for "love" and would parallel James/J'aime.)

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Caris itself is Greek in origin. Depending on the origin selected, it can mean "grace," "beauty," and "favored one."

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I see, thanks.

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