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Where the hell do I start with this? Basically I think We The Pizza (who have ties to David Brocks Correct The Record) are involved in child prostitution. Here's a rundown on how I came to this conclusion.

The beginning: Does anybody have this archived? It was posted on Reddit r/pizzagate and I'm struggling to summarize it from memory. The original We The Pizza thread that broke on Reddit had 2 users claiming they were able to break into We The Pizza's computers somehow and make off with 2 GB of CP and a program that is distributed to their customers which gives a price list etc. They were supposedly tipped off by a friend who worked for a 3 letter agency. OP actually leaked a few CP pictures which a handful of users clicked on and downloaded before the subreddit admins deleted the links. An hour or so after this story leaked went down and only displayed 'Coming Soon'.

A number of hours after their website went down it resurfaced but I noticed a page had disappeared which can be seen here on the wayback machine: However - it was last indexed in 2013 so it could be a false lead. Nonetheless the pages existence is a little suspicious, why would a Pizza joint have a login area? I know it's not the login for the backend as that is found here:

The Anons from the original post ended up not fulfilling what they said they'd do and they stopped posting altogether so I stopped investigating - that is until what I came across today which is their latest update posted on 8chan

Also, in the above thread I found a couple new leads into We The Pizza. The main piece of evidence is a leaked chat from We The Pizza on their Slack site. (Slack is a IM tool used by many countries so that employees can discuss things in realtime.)

( This was published on the 27th of September, before Pizzagate came into existence!

Now read the below section which is copy and pasted from the chat itself: Brock [6:28 AM]

u better be. I am going to get a plane. You will be up ALL NIGHT. Keep the lab LOCKED. Fink bring in pizza or whatever to keep the kids going.


I am out.

cshaw [6:28 AM]

does it have to be We the Pizza?

efink [6:29 AM]

Brock LIKES WtP. What do you want?

ekim [6:29 AM]

Sushi. Sushi would be nice.

efink [6:30 AM]

what do you think this is, the Trump campaign. We're getting pizza from We.


Get those files together.

ekim [6:30 AM]

I'm on it. Do you know what brock is going to do with them? I do kind of want to know, sir.

efink [6:31 AM]

google Seth Rich and shut up about it.

cshaw [6:31 AM]



well, they are deplorable. idk. I think we should have done this a long time ago.

efink [6:32 AM]

get working kids. I'll check back in a couple. Have something for Brock before he hits the ground. k?

ekim [6:33 AM]

I'm sick of We the Pizza.

cshaw [6:33 AM]


Doesn't it raise suspicions that they are using We The Pizza and that David Brock seems to love it? Just recently a writer from TheDailyBeast took credit for fabricating that article and claim they also fabricated the chat. That's a weird coincidence right? This fits in with the whole 'fake news' coverup narrative the MSM have been running with since Pizzagate became more popular.

I'm at work right now so can't dig any further but this might need more looking into.


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The entire reddit pizzagate sub has been archived here: Any reddit/r/pizzagate link can be can be retrieved by copy/pasting the url (for example: into the second text box where it says "I want to search the archive for saved snapshots". All resources are retrievable.