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Thank you OP! Historians, looking back on this century, will consider these essays as part of the foundation for new social orders based on open governance.


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I truly hope so.


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(copied from /u/Sir_Chancealot)

FBIAnon alludes to all of the following having connections:

1) Search the e-mails for the following code words: cards, favors, extras, officers

2) George Soros' connection to Tavistock Institute, and their connection to the Clinton Foundation.

3) “London Connection” to CF

4) Saudi Arabia and Qatar connections to CF

5) State Department officials who donated to the CF

6) The Bonner Group

7) Henry Paulson, TARP, major bank that went under as a result of TARP


9) CF investment deals in Africa, specifically countries that have poor records of births

10) Accounting firm who did the books for Haiti's earthquake relief

11) Majescor company

12) Muhammad Yunus (warning: it is inferred that FBIAnon thought this one would be very dangerous)

13) Scalia's murder, what he was looking into when he died, and it's relation to the CF.

14) FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) on Monsanto, GMO, and HRC. (No idea why FBIAnon thought this was important.)

15) Mark Lamont Hill

16) Barack Obama Foundation, and O'bummer's brother.

17) Projects funded by the CF, where the receiver was small, in a failing industry, and who had people owning/working for it that donated to the CF

18) A “certain Indian businessman” who has been “routinely accused of pedophilia”

19) Cheryl Mills (and where she worked before joining the CF)

20) “Gates, Buffett, Soros, African kings, the Royal family”

21) Elisa Lam (unsure about this one, may not be related)

22) “Zika, Abbot Labs, Gilead” (may be red-herring, or related to population control)

23) Helge Traasdahl/Tapad (may only be connected to election rigging)

24) The Cohen Group

25) Brookings Institute/2014 CHARGE projects

26) The company that put together the advertisement for HRC with all Avenger celebrities.

27) “What constitutes Mark Cuban's net worth?”

28) Lester Holt is a journalist who can be trusted (according to FBIAnon)

29) ALL members of the GOP who lead the “coup” against Trump.

30) Dirty money funneling to CF via 501(c)4, 527, and 4847(a)1 companies/trusts/foundations

31) State Department officials who met in secret with foreign officials

32) “Who is affiliated with the BoD for M Partners, and do they have ties to the CF?”


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I'm trying to understand the context of your comment, care to provide some assistance?


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First thing that came to mind when you said "fresh pair of eyes" and mentioned the Haiti connection was this summary of points that FBIAnon supposedly raised over the past few months, so it's a shorthand list of things I'm on the lookout for. The pizzeria seems like a small (yet potentially important) part of the broader conspiracy that JA, Wikileaks and others are trying to unravel. Thanks for pointing to JA's essays which I wasn't aware of.