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The reason these screenshots pass the smell test, at least for me, is because the different participants speak to each other in very different ways and refer to very personal quirks and details about each other (plus, the conversation is all over the place). It is way too organic to be faked. Even if several determined individuals were trying to fabricate something like this, it would come across as stilted and scripted.

There is just something about the way they are speaking back and forth and over each other that rings true. You see this in any discussion thread with a limited number of participants who know each other well (or at least are part of the same cohort).

Also, it is extremely difficult to simulate all the different variety in writing styles and sense of humor exhibited by the various participants.


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What the hell does any of it mean, exactly? Is "fuzzy navel" a code word for human sacrifice or something? This seems like some typical 4Chan gag shit.