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When was this exactly? How the fuck did we miss this? How do you have access to the transcript? What possibly makes you believe this is real FBI and not larpers?

I don't want to discredit you, but this seems sketchy af


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Every single time a LARPer shows up he is eventually called out. This guy has pointed the way to this investigation, and we haven't seen anything, with approximately 30,000 people looking, to indicate that this is not true. There is flimsy corroborating info, but no information decrying it. There is no evidence that what he declared is happening is not the case. Also, the FBI anon threads were a while ago, 4chan ALWAYS sniffs out LARPers, and they haven't found anything againts this guy in four months. How can the media blitz against pizzagate not be convincing enough that this is real?

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Wasn't there also a connection to something FBI anon saying there would be something that would come at 11am on 11/1/2016 and on Randomly on October 30th the FBI's FOIA twitter account started releasing documents related to Donald Trumps dad and Nikola Tesla. At the time there was a funny theory going around 4chan about Trumps dad having Nikola Teslas plans for a time machine or some shit and Trump was actually from the future.

Many speculate this was a nod to people on 4chan from FBI anon.

There was also a post from the Twitter on 11/1/2016 but when I scroll over it says 9:00 A.M idk how twitters timezones work, but I guess it could be possible that it was posted at 11 A.M. by FBI anon.

FBI record vault


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The transcript was put together by someone else. I went through it today, and put together this info. It may very well be LARPers, but realize some of this info came out in July, August, and September, before anyone knew any of this info.

Again, I can't say that this is real, only that FBIAnon seems to be telling the truth, at least in the information content, if not who he really is.

I just wanted to get it out there for people, in case it is actually real. It's up to the investigators to determine if it is real.


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Hi, I'm /u/The_Almighty_Kek from /r/The_Donald. I put together that document. You just said the main reason I did that. I wanted to get this information consolidated into a document that's easy to view, read, and search through, with links to the archived sources available, so that people can refer back to it if (or when) any big news breaks on this subject. There's no telling at this point if it's real or not, but it's always good to have JUST IN CASE it turns out to be legitimate. So, thanks for posting!


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I read the FBIAnon stuff on 4chan from July 2 (transcripts in 34 images from July 2) and lots thought he was a hoax at first. But as he went on you could see that he was likely legit af. Almost all things he said have proven true since then. That was long before Podesta emails from wikileaks. He stressed at the time to focus on the Clinton foundation and not the email server.


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4chan had been speaking with FBIAnon for several months and many things he told them came out in Wiiki and before Weiner's laptop was confiscated.