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Ok, wall of text incoming I'm so sorry.

this was a raw thread I put out today just to throw the idea out there. After thinking it through today I think I could tighten it up and provide more sources to add to the legitimacy. Also need to tighten up the tone and make it more professional. I think it is best to keep it short and to the point considering the crowd it was written for.

This is my plan: I've gone ahead and created a word press account/twitter account (both private ATM until I have a final draft of what we should propose) to make it widely mail-able/spammable to our senators, congressmen, and governors. I would like to let anyone peer review it before I send it out to media outlets/all of our government.

There are missing kids and it is now time that the FBI tracks the stats and not a private org who has ties with pedofiles.