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Hitler and Saddam Hussein were the only people in history to challenge this monolithic conspiracy, this syndicate of about 20-30 people who own 70% of the worlds wealth. This is the truth that people cannot know about Nazi Germany. I am not antisemitic. We have been brainwashed to be triggered by the names of the only people who have challenged their global hegemony. The track record is 0 for 2. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY. THIRD TIME IS THE CHARM. Americans will do this right. No antisemitism. Just hanging 20-30 retarded Zionist syndicate leaders and their pets. After, we will have a prosperous world ready to search the stars.


[–] Volkisch 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

We will do it right this time. But I urge caution, do not let yourselves fall into hatred or fear; those will be their final means of control.


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I agree. We need to fully exercise and maintain the rule of law. Otherwise, what are we?


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