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I'm speaking for myself here, I'm politically left of center, and I've seen several posts here apparently decrying that. I'm not here to discuss politics, or national socialism, or race, trump, religion or whatever.

I'm here for Pizzagate and wikileaks, and I'm certain a lot of people here feel the same way I do.

I won't argue or attempt to push my view point. All I ask is that you don't either. I don't see the voat community as partial, or pushing an ideology. I don't mind that you hold these viewpoints in the slightest, and I encourage you to exercise your freedom of speech. Please do that in another thread though. Also from a PR stand point linking National Socialism to Voat to Pizzagate could make this situation worse than it is in the press. I hope you understand where I am coming from.


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Good post, I hope it gets a lot of exposure. Keep in mind 1.3~1.4 years ago was during the time of the fatpeoplehate exodus, so there will be a lot of accounts made in that range anyway.