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I would advise everyone NOT to open this. WeThePizzaMenu, you need to take this to your local sheriff's office and show them what you found if this is true. I'm inclined to believe that you are full of shit, because you could have easily posted this the other day with your many threads and comments, but you didn't. DO NOT OPEN THIS YOU GUYS. OP, if this is legit (the story of how you found it) then speak with a lawyer and get their advise on how to proceed. Then come back and update us.

Edit: For the record, I'm 99.9% positive this is a shill/honeypot troll. A few days ago, this guy had said the "menu" listed exact price figures up to the $250,000 range, and said that one of the categories on the menu was "Finish Him" (obviously fake). He is spreading massive disinfo. It is very likely someone who wants to ruin our credibility (probably one of the perpetrators we are fighting against) and fuck up the investigation.


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So... I definitely remember the 2GB threads from the other day. Care to explain more about how you found this menu? Are you the same OP of the previous threads who took us for a fucking bullshit ride and didn't actually reveal any pertinent information? Explain and confirm your sources, please.


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He's claiming OP #1 was KIA and OP #2 (himself) messed up and had to flee to safety. They did finally deliver on the menu PDF, and with no proof that this is a hoax it's not normal for cancermods to flair everything (even other people investigating their claims to be true) as hoax, delete the posts, suspend the guy, and shut down 350 communities. And now Voat is being DDoS'd so hard it's actually being shut down instead of going into cache mode. And the media is running hit pieces to cover this up specifically. Not normal, dude.


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If we can't substantiate the claim, then we can not and should not roll with it. People can fabricate shit on the internet to stir the pot and detract from better leads. Although this sounds like a good piece to the puzzle, we can't just accept it at this point in time.


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Same guy linked to 2 GB of straight-up CP with absolutely no chain of evidence.

So he's either a total idiot with zero concept of OpSec or a shill trying to bait people into committing a felony.


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Ugh I thought the child porn was removed from the menu too.... Don't click the menu people...

EDIT: Crossposting (https://media.8ch.net/file_store/8dcfa9407e468a9c8bb769f86aad78dd28889deceb12147bd1a3ff2c7a7a03df.png)) It's just words from the menu-- no pictures.


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Thanks for that...that's such bullshit. The same person wrote that as wrote the RTN article and the OP. This probably needs to go to FBI. Because the RTN guy just took it a bit too far.

Compare the style...the menu is "trying" too hard.



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It seems unlikely he'd go so far as distributing CP.

Edit: And by the way, the guy you linked to is a poor shill and none of his hoaxes gained traction in our narrative. Of course the shill will write an article claiming he's successful.


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4 surviving
in poor health and not expected to survive
30% discount on extreme torture

What the fuck did the hacker shitlords find? If this has any names tied to it and can be proven to have been made on their computer, then this is practically a signed confession form.


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Be careful there are pictures in the menu file.


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This link should not be in here if it's cp. it clearly states you should not have cp links. Asking people to spread cp links is a crime. This person is either an idiot or a honeypot person. This link should be banned. It's also clearly deceptive by saying ( safe to click no child porn) on the top link. Sure it says to use tor for the second link but 3 letter agencies may may be able to track even with tor. Their is clearly deception or stupidity or both going on here


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It's also clearly deceptive by saying ( safe to click no child porn) on the top link.

What are you talking about, the top link doesn't have cp in it. It's a friggin pastebin.

People seriously need to stop and pay attention before getting all riled up and raising pitchforks.


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I smell shill. Fuck this guy, reads like shitpost shillery. Btw for fucks sake guys, why would you think something that says 'child rape menu' is a good idea to click on.. it's pretty easy to read.


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You have an excellent sense of smell... http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/11/21/i-ve-been-making-viral-fake-news-for-the-last-six-months-it-s-way-too-easy-to-dupe-the-right-on-the-internet.html

the writing style on the menu is exactly the same only "trying too hard"..see my post for dissection. I do this for a living. And his headline...SPREAD IT is exactly what the RTN writer would love you to do.


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The insertion of the RTN blurb into the OP's story was unnecessary, it feels a bit like maybe the same guy wrote that article and the OP story. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/11/21/i-ve-been-making-viral-fake-news-for-the-last-six-months-it-s-way-too-easy-to-dupe-the-right-on-the-internet.html

Why did "OP" talk about the RTN "journalist". The "article" makes it clear the troll made a fake CTR chat room, had fake people engage in chat hinting at conspiracy, in that chat they talk about getting pizza from WTP...

I did see that stuff on the net from Reddit and didn't buy a word of it. I find it difficult to believe anyone did. He sources nothing...so now this...

Guy#1, he’s probably been either captured or killed. 3 letter friend’s contact (who was to ensure prosecution against We The Pizza) is now confirmed KIA. We are safe and headed (*any bets he wants people to infer Russia?) My 3 letter friend assures me they are on our side and can be trusted. My 3 letter friend believes his other trusted friend already has the children from the menu in government witness protection or even hiding them somewhere in a hotel.

SO recapping, Guy 1 we don't really know what happened to him, and OP doesn't really seem to care. FBI "friend's" person who promised to investigate and prosecute is dead but no links to reports of said death This magical other person has somehow managed to be dead and protect the children at the same time..damn if he's dead, the kids are in trouble eh?

We are friends with a 3 letter agent. We volunteer to help him.

You don't "volunteer" to help in a federal investigation, FBI guys don't generally go off the reservation

Guy#1 sneaks into WeThePizza and unplugs some computer cords and fucks up their network.

Alrighty then...he sneaks...excellent..and unplugs cords...LOL again clues...

Our 3 letter friend is contacted by WeThePizza to fix the computer issues, but says he is busy and recommends me >(Guy#2) as a trusted pedo friendly repair tech, I am no computer expert but I do know a pretty decent amount.

What the actual fuck...why would WTP contact an FBI agent and say "oh hey guy our computer needs a KP friendly tech" and automatically accept "the new guy" which is guy#2 who doesn't know much about computers but clones a hard drive and sets up a DMS. Alrighty then

This whole thing stinks of "bait and make a fool of"..plus DL that shit. It feels like the same person wrote that GUY story as wrote the RTN story about purposeful fake news. This doesn't smell right. and if that's a PDF you know...they can phone home even if you DL with TOR. This shit don't float yet. Especially with the inclusion of the linked article with a similar writing style..although OP tries to hide it.

If you're safe OP, then do tell...where are you? It's safe to name names, get on it...Guy 1...dead...name please? After all you're safe...dead FBI friend, who? You're safe, info in trusted hands..so spill it.


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Wow for real. This is the reason they blew up reddit. The moment we found there active sex shop.

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