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Long story short, my friend owns a 42 acre private camp ground 2 mins away. One day while I'm helping out on his land a guy shows up to chat with him. He was looking for a buyer quickly before have to put up a listing, he was the executor of an estate and wished to avoid those despicable real estate agents.He thought my friend might want it for storage.

I had just sold my shares in an apartment bloc in town and was looking to invest in something and voila !

I stopped by the guys place and went to look at it with him, made an offer on the spot, he countered 3 days later & we singed the day after when I knocked down the price again.

Right place right time is all.

This community is very opened to new taxpayers so it's an easy project to lead through, it's not a building of much historical value, restrictions are nil but I have a lot of respect for antique buildings and will do this right.