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Of course a philistine like yourself wouldn't understand the subtleties of the masters of 'Rock Art' era of art. By using charcoal, the artist was challenging our assumptions of what material should be used for art. See his other works "Bear with crushed grass" and "Bird with Dung" for more examples of this.

And eschewing classic ideas of perspective and proportions is such a radical jab at the art establishment. Really, it's refreshing to see such a classical example of someone deconstructing 'art'.


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Your interpretation is droll and pedantic. "Bear with crushed grass" was clearly a self-congratulatory mockery of the LGBT movement and neither philanthropist nor thespian would dare to trumpet its accolades, lest they be mocked and ridiculed from our most prestigious art scene.

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You have a lot of cultural baggage and really need a check on it. The workshop below can help you, man:

"Workshop content can provide information and activities about:

*Understanding diversity

*Immigration, changing demographics and today's workforce

*Diversity business case

*Creating a healthy workplace by valuing diversity, respecting differences, developing cross-cultural communication skills and cultural sensitivity

*Impact of visible and nonvisible differences on work and communication styles

*Understanding culture

*Culture and communication

Cave Art and Use of Charcoal to communicate micro and macro aggression

*Impact of stereotypes, prejudice, biases, discrimination, harassment, racism

Caveman supremacist assumptions and dealing with oppression culture

*Resolving diversity related conflict

*Developing a personal Diversity Action Plan"


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You forgot, learning not to rape if you are male and

Learning to truly hate yourself if you are a cis/heterosexual white male.