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[–] BRITTEACH 13 points 67 points (+80|-13) ago 

Prof seems a bit touchy. On the other hand, your generation is among the most disrepectful toward education and educators in history. You can thank your parents and politicians for keeping you ignorant.

What is the subject anyway?


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It's second year Fluid Mechanics according to the Original OP on that other site.


[–] mcseanerson [S] 2 points 30 points (+32|-2) ago 

^This guy. I just used the auto title option and after I posted realized it made me look like a big fat phony.


[–] machina70 4 points 9 points (+13|-4) ago 

Seems like too many females for a civil engineering class.


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Fluid Mechanics and not paying attention. They're screwed. We're all screwed. The end of the world is coming. If only those kids shut the fuck up and learned about science. Oh this is a college class. I thought it was congress.


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Oh lawdy.... that shouldn't be taught in a lecture hall... that needs the itty bitty details taught well otherwise kids these days will get lost.
But somehow, I feel awkward...
Engineering students are one of the quietest people in the classrooms.


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I sat in on a class recently after having graduated 20 years ago and the kids were coming in up to 30 mins late without a care in the world making heaps of noise getting set up near the front of the class. When I went to uni no-one would consider coming in more than 5 mins late and then they would slink into the back row apologetically with a repentant body posture, possibly also mouthing sorry. I was astonished at the change in etiquette.


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I think it really depends on the class. My kids are/were in the same university, and my daughter finds the engineering classes rude and loud and just like high school. My son's computer science classes were quiet and paid attention (or at least weren't disruptive). That was more like they both expected in college especially considering the cost of it now.


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I had professors who locked the doors. Late? Locked out.


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I hate it when people are late for self involved reasons but sometimes you overpack your schedule and don't realize you can't make it from one end of campus to another in 5 minutes. I had one class last semester I was about 10 minutes late for every session (it was about 3 hours long every time so those 10 minutes weren't THAT important...but still important). I think I know the campus better now, so hopefully I don't do that again.

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Your mountains of debt are due to Obama's student loan programs. Colleges raised tuition once they saw how much money they could get through subsidized student loans.

Obama's biggest voting bloc? Millienials.


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if its class time, the prof is up front.. and everyone is just blabbing away... that's just disrespect.