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Ask this guy what he would do if the old dude would have been a non Muslim and the most probable answer would be decapitation.


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Nah, that's just your bias talking. Most people in the world are just trying to figure out the best way to go about their lives. The banner of god is just a very popular one to get beneath when you want to kill people. Christians do it, Muslims do it, even Buddhists and Hindus do it. The only group I'm not sure has ever actually gone on a proper Crusade (or Jihad) is the jews.

Have the jews ever gone on a murderous rampage? Does anyone know?


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Ummm what would you call what they're doing to Palestine now?


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2014 Palestine.

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I said that only because this guy justified his intention of charity with his religion. His religion similarly calls for decapitation of non Muslims. So does that mean he is for that too? Instead he should help just because he can. I'm under no illusion that all or even most Muslims are not peaceful. But they probably don't justify their charity like this.

Edit : look at Israel's activities since it's inception. It seems to me they have been on a murderous rampage continuously.


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actually, the iranian guy most probably means shiite, and the pakistani guy is sunni. they supposed to hate each other


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You're an idiot, seriously mentally deficient and brain washed.

Edit: Ha


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At least give your reasons instead of idiotic insults.