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Millions of whites died so niggers could be free to tear down a memorial honoring the man that sent those soldiers to die for them.

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I know now why my ancestors fought for the Confederacy.

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You expect niggers and sadly way too many whites to read up on history? (sadly I too dont read as much as I should) Watch mob niggers tear down nigger statues because why not, all stautes of guys I didn't see on tik tok are white racistst.

Reminds me of some german anon writting how on his US exchange year he had to give a presentation about Germany and the niggers in class asking "why he din put them balck peoples in his presentation" after explaining that Germany doesn't have that many blacks (going over the brife african colonial time and how despite that and unlike other European countries Krauts still didnt have tons of niggers, but why they had more Turks and other arabs) Nigger still didnt belive him and chimped out in class of him bein racis.

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Niggers reading".. ha no!

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Millions of whites so niggers could be free

The higher-end estimate of the War of Northern Aggression's bodycount is around 850,000.

Still really damn high, but it wasn't millions.

[–] PriMerovingian ago 

millions of whites died

lol, you don't know the actual death toll of the Civil War?

[–] Splooge [S] ago 

I’m a Brit, sorry :(

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I never liked it anyway.

It is fun, however, when a leftist tells you we should abolish the 2nd amendment to reply with "Why stop there? How bout we get rid of the 13th, 14th, and 19th as well?"

All of a sudden "rights" matter. Except yours. Fuck you.

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These statue haters are Marxist. They want socialism because they can't cut it in society. They are paid by Soros funded groups with an agenda of socialism/communism. What they don't know is that Soros and his group want a NWO with them controlling the shots. Collective groups have killed more in the last century than any other group.

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For Marxists, any pre-revolutionaries that aren't Marxists are inherently evil. They've even defaced the memorials of all-black regiments because it disrupts the narrative of ever being valued or honoured. Every Marxist revolution begins with altering history and removing statues. Casting blacks to play white historical figures is part of the revolution as history becomes ever-changing, doubted and forgotten and only an ever-lasting present remains devoid of context and without comparison.

[–] grantorino43 ago 

So how bout we quit fighting these pawns and go after the money source? If soros is funding all of this, why not go after him, his organizations, assets, properties etc? For every statue, city, etc destroyed, he loses something.

[–] AnotherGrayman ago 

Because just like you, everyone else wants to sit back in safety while other people risk the danger.

So nobody does anything.

That's pretty much the shape of things.

[–] tourgen ago 

Yes. Marxists are all life's losers. They're bitter and resentful of people who actually put in the effort and build something out of their life. Rather than do something similar, a Marxists is a parasite at heart, demanding handouts from everyone else.

We need to stop giving a shit what these communists say. It's alright for us to demand that these worthless shits work for a living. End welfare now.

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Is this recent?

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Abe actually wanted to deport the niggers but those Jews won't have any of that!

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They hate white people but they love the civilizations we build. Like a persistent parasite, we just can't get rid of these jew communists and their pets.

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Que the DOJ asking Mr. 4chins...

DOJ: Hey guys, can you identify who did it... Again?

4chan: NYPA, Nigger

DOJ: We think he's a crossdresser.

4chan: Oh sure, he's cute!

[–] Ken_bingo2 ago 

I support this. Abraham Lincoln destroyed whatever chances this country had under the Constitution. He was a criminal, a traitor, and a tyrant. Nothing he did can be justified morally or legally.

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