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That militia that was gonna kidnap that cunt governor wasn't actually an organization as they were self-described anarchists

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Entrapment btw

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As if the FBI could do anything about crime except those they create.

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Evidence for this claim?

It's not entrapment just because you hate the FBI, you literally know nothing about the situation outside of what's been reported.

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As I mention in my book I call it jewish antifa for a reason......

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Can I get a link please?

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That's my channel with some content I have mirrored and my book link is there via archive.org

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Pretty much everyone I know has the ability to make a flag like this at home. All you need is a bed sheet, sewing machine, and some crayons right? To get those nice fold creases all you need is an iron.

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I just drive to the flag shop and pick one up, they will make any kind of flag you want they are cool guys. They just make flags to order. The prices are decent too.

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Home made does not mean made at home. And who cares? Ideology or organization. Only a person can commit a crime and go to jail. Whether he/she did it for an ideology or an organization really doesn't matter. And, it all tracks the same.

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Look up RICO laws. It does matter.

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I guess it was folded up and stuffed into a package at home, too. That's why it's creased. It's also cheap-ass rayon, a good sign it's a Chinese jobby. Still ... made at home.

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Is Reddit a leftist setup? Seriously? 'Antifa' is indeed an organization!

It has it's tentacles into all Western countries. 'Antifa' has been making

trouble in Germany for years. 'Antifa' is an anarchist and marxist run

organization determined to destroy White Western Civilization and replace

White "racists" with non-Whites by any means necessary! Now, I suppose as

anarchist and communist aren't in agreement 100 % , if successful, they will

attempt to arrive at agreements as to how the what-used-to-be White Western world

is to be run, or not run thereafter!

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