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Behold the ingenuity, industry, and risk-taking of the white man.

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Probably built by Chinese

[–] weezkitty ago 

Designed by one high IQ race, build by another IQ race. And again, africans and middle easterns having nothing to do with it

[–] puggy ago 

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Nowadays that'd be an OSHA violation, because fun isn't allowed anymore.

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Wear your mask, for safety.

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It’s not even for your own safety, but for the safety of everyone, comrade!

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From a search it looks like it's in Washington in 1916.   I also found this one.  Those guys were hardcore.

Edit: found another site with a bunch of bad ass pics. https://www.oregonencyclopedia.org/articles/timber_industry/

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Notice the woman. Long dress, long hair. The exact opposite of the Bob haired, painted faced, pant wearing women of today. People were better back then.

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those trees are traitors to.the other trees being hauled out. the lower smaller trees remind me of usefull idiots

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You have a strange mind. I like it.

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Meanwhile niggers are showering in cow piss to this day. Just like us though! The white man sto dat sheiiit.

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You may think impressive but that is actually not very strong. It looks meant to be temporary so its cheap and easy to break down. Usually much much larger beems of wood were used for permanent rain road bridges.

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Look at the load it's carrying. Those old engines were very heavy.

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Well, i think the point is that even shit white men throw together as a temporary structure is impressive - the real deal, however, is beyond

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I think blacks built that 400 years ago

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NNNA.. Nigger need not apply.

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