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The message would be better received had they paid for their own billboard instead of vandalizing someone else's. Then again there may be a reason why (((Silver))) Rock Reality was targeted.

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The message would not be received because the people making the sign would refuse to print that

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maybe it's as simple as vandalizing was exciting and economical

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hard to read, especially if you're driving by at 50 mph

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I was looking at the still going: Pornis? pornis...por nis...Ah, got it!

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My pornis is thisssssssssss big

[–] threetothethird [S] ago 

The silo graffiti is even harder to read. I guess it is the thought that counts. The news said after they removed the billboard someone spray painted "Biden 2020" and they added "we don't think the two incidents are connected" LOL.

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Should've picked a better contrasting color. I would suggest light blue for this sign.

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Yellow. I think yellow would have been better.

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Porn Tzar....that is funny....wait porn is jew.

[–] A_Punkass_Bitch ago 

yeah this is a fail. can't read, grafitti and vandalizing is for nigs