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Shallow root system undermined by the road on one side and the plowed field on the other. They were barely hanging on.

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Yeah they needed to bury a couple pvc pipes going straight down and it woulda solved the problem..

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These look purposefully pushed down. There is scoring on each trunk as if a tractor loader or bulldozer pushed them over. If wind took them all over, they are amazingly symmetric and have super windproof leaves still attached to the trunks.

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Oh I saw this when I checked for more explanation:

Small marks on the road-side of the trunks are not unusual. Almost all trees that are this close to the street have them. It is damage from trailers of semi-trucks grazing the trees. The righternmost tree actually looks split open from the fall.

A road crew was already at the scene to put up the warning signs and fill the holes with sand to prevent the pavement from sagging.

Someone there also mentioned the trees were too close to the road to be up to modern codes.

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That scraped bark is suspect though. Maybe they were partially uprooted then something was used to push them all the way over or to position them so they wouldn't block the road. Lots of other damage from that storm in the pics from that archive link.

Wind doesn't usually blow green leaves off trees, that doesn't happen until later in autumn. They were just starting to turn (October 6, 2017).

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Oh fuck, reality is going 2D.

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It looks like one of those early ID Software / 3D Realms games where all the sprites would face you and stand straight up no matter what angle you looked at them from.

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Topp kek

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They fell over because of a storm. This was in Germany, I reverse-image searched it.

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It's just sleepy trees.

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Nature will find a way. The trees may not be fine, but their legacy lives on through photography.