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you know the Sacklers are jewish right?

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Purdue Pharma are Heroin Pushers

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Brilliant!! The Sackler cartel should be arrested...never this guy for even a minute!

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A Stamford art gallery owner was arrested and charged with a criminal misdemeanor Friday morning after dropping an 800-pound steel sculpture of a bent, burnt heroin spoon in front of Purdue Pharma, a top manufacturer of opioids, and then refusing to remove it.

Fernando Luis Alvarez, who is mounting an exhibit on the opioid epidemic, was charged with obstruction of free passage for his act of “guerrilla art,” and for interfering with police in front of the 201 Tresser Blvd. corporate headquarters. The spoon was placed in an automotive drop-off spot, making the path unusable.


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charged with obstruction of free passage

Yet communist "protesters" can block streets and freeeays and face no charges whatsoever.

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Its not an art, its peaceful protest.

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Meanwhile the Sacklers enjoy being the freest mass murderers via lobbying & lying.

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HSBC laundered millions in Mex cartel funds with no jail time, but don't get caught with a bong. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-hsbc-probe-idUSBRE8BA05M20121211

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HSBC is old as fuck, they literally invented double book entry.

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THE POLICE ENFORCE LAWS FOR ELITES. Isn’t this fucking obvious by now?