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puttin' the reee in retard.

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Totally normal, first class lady. Mom would have approved.

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Yeah, she has she will to determine whether or not she should be looked after in a facility she can't just walk out of until her brain chemistry can be adjusted

No she doesn't, but the convenience of having judges in every western country make the same ruling at around the same time made sure they were damned to a life of $2.00 blow jobs and rapes behind dumpsters is why lunatics are roaming the streets and costing so much more than just money.

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After looking at her pic I can only say "Kids, don't use drugs."

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Lol. Is there something in the water supply or what?

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I'd love to know who drew on her face. Was it her just being crazy, or did she get beat down and bystanders did it to humiliate her?

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maybe shes smart. maybe shes avoiding facial recognition by cameras. and if it comes off i wouldnt recognize her

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