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Idk where you live, but where i'm at, restaurants have no choice if they went to remain open. (only for outdoor dining) Plus Little faggot snitches will cry to the health dept if they even see someone get up from their table and go the bathroom without a mask. The beaurecrats will then shut down your small business. Small businesses need out support right now, not some bullshit boycott. I bet you still go to walmart mart and order off amazon, but your restaurant boycott is really showing them kek

[–] MrPim ago 

There are several thousand of them in the state of Ohio. They as a group have an ability to put pressure upward by using a class action. They have a case. They haven't even tried. If they just filed I'd lift my boycott.

I was a very large spender at a few of these places. I'm known by first name. I've been to the homes of the people who own or work at these places. They have infact lost a significant amount of money by losing my business.

If they are unwilling to even try, I will not help them.

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As someone in the restaurant business, we are down 50% across the board. Places everywhere where I am are going out of business. This is my family's livelihood. We are doing everything we can to join or start a class action suit, It's going to cost 10K in legal fees but that's something i'd be willing to do. The problem is our county is pretty cucked. As far as masks go, we don't really enforce it, but we have been ratted out to the health dept several times. To the point where they have threatened to shut us down and take everything that I've worked my whole life for. All this is to say, don't take your frustration out on small businesses, we are being held hostage