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I refuse to go to any restaurants or bars because of this. I wont give them my money. The experience is ruined and I don't need the meal or cocktail that badly. They can all bleed out for all I care.

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Its forced me to shop local which is great. I should have been this doing anyway, albeit its bit more expensive. The only places enforcing these ridiculous rules in my stats are the big chains and corporations.

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Idk where you live, but where i'm at, restaurants have no choice if they went to remain open. (only for outdoor dining) Plus Little faggot snitches will cry to the health dept if they even see someone get up from their table and go the bathroom without a mask. The beaurecrats will then shut down your small business. Small businesses need out support right now, not some bullshit boycott. I bet you still go to walmart mart and order off amazon, but your restaurant boycott is really showing them kek

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People were primed to turn against each other from being raised by social media.

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They're drawing lines everywhere they can:

Race, sex, sexuality, political leaning, maskers vs. no-maskers, abortionists vs. sane people, state-lovers vs. state-distrusters, pro-vaccine vs. anti-vaccine, pro-mail-in-ballots vs. pro-polls, anti-gun vs. pro-gun, parasite class vs. working class, rich class vs. working class, degenerates vs. moral people....

If you can't see that these lines are being drawn for the inevitable civil war, you're a fool.

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Hey goat, I've been contemplating compiling and posting some resources from John Jay Singleton. He's a legal scholar offering some potential solutions to all of this. I understand where you're coming from, but there's more you can do to change things. This is stuff you'll want to take notes on.

There's a particular video in which he breaks things down, however, it's 3 minutes shy of 2 hours and it's 567 MB so catbox is out of the question. I could try extracting the audio... but still, the video itself does have at least some relevant information.

Adjusting video quality to reduce the size is not something I can say I know how to do, but it looks like I get to learn now.

Governors, local governing bodies, don't create legislation. Just because there's a "mandate" that states something is "mandatory," this didn't create an obligation for you.


Let me know if you'd like for me to inform you when I get all of this together and post it.

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Use video editing software to chop the video into ~10 minute segments that can be easily hosted online.

Or upload it to JewTube with an undercover name like "Caterpillar Rectangle Rebar" so it's never found by anyone searching for things to report for political differences.

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Unfortunately the health departments will fine these businesses out of business if they catch them not enforcing the rules. It's the governors and the busybodies at the health departments we need to turn our attention to.

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By the looks of it, they were there to protect those bananas from the niggers....

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They were protecting the bananas from coronavirus.

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Imagine signing up to defend your countrymen and then being ordered to lord tyranny over them.

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That's what I wonder about. Where the hell are the getting these automatons to do this shit to their own countrymen? It's bizarre.

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Holeee shit Batman, it’s that future dystopian nightmare sci fi movies and books warned us about.

Humanity needs to stand up real fast and say NO, THIS IS NOT HOW WE CHOOSE TO LIVE.

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Wow I feel safer now, these men are so brave

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Thought police coming through

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Mad Max comes to life

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Looks like their Antifa has better funding.

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