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niggers literally want to create a safe space in which no white people are allowed, and this smoothbrain nigger can't see that is the definition of segregation.

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If White people were to do this though...

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niggers will call us racist then follow us because they can't provide for themselves.

[–] Keahiehj ago 

It's only bad when it benefits YT. Now that it DOESN'T, it's good.

See the scam?

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Don't let us stop you. Segregate away niggers.

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Seriously, history is repeating except everything is flipped.

[–] mudbear 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

Im all for this tbh, i think it would be great to see what they come up with without white people. If they succeed, then they know they would be better off living in a place with no white people, segregation FTW!

If they fail, then they know they are worthless inferior subhuman niggers who should be bowing down to their betters.

I cant see how this is a bad thing, i actually want them to succeed and take their little project on a world tour to africa.

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Everybody nowadays is from the south. Cultural appropriation.

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Nigger mod gunna nig.

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lol if u think that's a black nigger I have fresh igloos in death valley for sale.

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Lol the moderator is so fragile, can't even take a few comments

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The niggers trying to farm aren't as annoying as the "clearly" that is constantly used on places like reddit as a teenage signal of petulance. Knowing the pseudo teen is likely a 54 year old obese hoarder that hasn't left their house in ten years or bathed in two is realism, which the media who is simply using the farming nogs is not.

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