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When insects infest a structure it should be thoroughly fumigated for a minimum of 24 hours then nuked from space, it's the only way to be sure.

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fucking pedophilic jews LOL

they will kill to continue to rape kids

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RWDS when?

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When Trump spoke of people celebrating 9/11 on rooftops, what are the odds he was giving a dog-whistle to the jews?

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Rule #3 Violation!

No memes, comics, "posters", image macros, etc. Submissions with text overlays, screenshots with large amounts of text, infographics, and similar posts must have emphasis on the picture itself and not the text/chart/symbol/etc.


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Well shit...

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I forgive you.

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Except them Obama came in and surrounded them even more hostile enemies and killed Ghadaffi then accelerated the complete death and collapse of Europe of 10x. All of this is one reason we've now hit civil war so quickly here. Obama is no friend of whites but he outplayed the Jews and he still is.

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